Not a good way to have the season coming to a end. When we hit the lake Friday to move Montana and north Carolina I noticed the plow seemed to be acting kinda different. It seemed the plow was scraping away the banks from the house but it just seemed like it was not turning or going up and down the same. I asked Marty to see if he noticed anything when I crept along the house but he got side tracked with the number two shovel and I was trying to get done and basically made a bone head move and did not get out to see if any thing was up? After moving both houses and getting them set up I parked blue thunder next to montana for the weekend and went to meet Stacy and Brian as they would be celebrating there anniversary in Florida. After checking them in I set up a couple wheel houses to the west of me and settled down in Minnesota to kick back rest and wait for the hammer to come out and fish with me. We had a frozen pizza for dinner and came off the lake around 9pm with not a single elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Darn the luck. Saturday was just a take it easy day enjoy mother nature and good company Marty and Shelly and checking in on Stacy and Bryan. They did not catch a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie and neither did the three wheel houses I set up. I counted 25 trucks on the lake Saturday with a mixture of portables and wheel houses on the lake. After coming in for dinner Saturday eve, Kellie and I headed out to old Minnesota where we would be spending the night hoping to tie into the mother load. Marty and Shelly joined us as we had a couple cocktails ,visited and fished for the very very elusive upper red lake crappie. Sunday morning I awoke to a beautiful upper red lake sunrise and not a crappie to be had. I had a call from a gentlemen from Bemidji that was up Saturday and they landed 22 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies. Darn the luck. I guess its like throwing dice out there as I lost them .They must of went east, south, or north. After a harty breakfast of eggs and bacon we packed things up and I warmed up blue thunder as she had spent the last two nights sleeping on the ice. Driving in I heard a bang sound like something was bottoming out I stopped got out of the truck, walked around to the front and to my disbelief half the frame work on the plow was broken and destroyed, bent into a mangled mess. The left ram was dripping fluid and I may of also damaged that. Wow what a bone head mistake I have made. I guess that happens when the season stretches out and you get a little worn out. At this time I’m not even sure if it can be repaired. I’m 85 percent sure that it will not be in operation the rest of the season and the red baron will have to carry me through . My plans are to move all 4 houses one more time before Friday to a completely different area . Jake will be up Thursday to help bank the houses as there will be a lot of work with a number two spade shovel with out blue thunders straight blade. Jake is pumped to get up here and has all ready packed all his gear 4 days in advance. He has new auger blades and a extension . His passion for fishing is incredible, if its for upper red lake crappies, walleyes or sheep head. Sturgeon on the rainy or musky in the fall. If it swims in the water he wants to catch it. I on the other hand. I like fishing with friends and enjoying the comradery . I love seeing people’s eyes light up when they have a big fish on the line and the excitement in there voices. Kellie the hammer is so funny. When she has a fish on she never says I got one! She just reels it in and says crappie, perch, walleye or big northen. Its to funny. This coming up weekend should be a gas as we spend two and half days searching for the mother load with good friends and new friends