We dodged a bullet with just a trace of snow. On the other hand the winds yesterday sounded like a freight train. I had business in Bemidji and never went out on to the lake. I have seen a trace of snow make a mess so we will see later today what it looks like out there. I will be in the process of making a big move in the next couple days. The first thing is to cut a new trail to the un fished area I will be exploring, from there I will be using the red baron as a full time truck as she will be commissioned to also move houses this week, un bank houses and bank houses. The number 2 shovel will also be in play? Jake and family will be up tomorrow and he will help get all the houses set up for the weekend of chasing the mother load of the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. I think Jake has vision of catching a hundred crappies in 3 days and he has the passion and dedication to do it. Should be a lot of fun. The weather is looking good so that’s already a plus. I know of at least 6 wheel houses that will be coming up and I be leave Buddy Hillmen has a couple of his houses rented and a couple still open. I also have a couple guys coming up next Tuesday Wednesday and will be setting them in what ever house has the best crappie bite just like I did with Ole. I also plan on spending some more time in old Minnesota the next 12 days. I still have many naps to take and a few movies to watch. Knock on wood the weather looks like its just going to get nicer every day in the next two weeks.