Well the big weekend has arrived for Jake and family. First thing Jake if your reading this we are not going to be moving Montana everyday you are here? Some how I feel that we will be moving if you find a hotter bite then where we start but you may have to twist my arm to move. I’m expecting a grand time on a grand lake with good friends and family. Kellie “the Hammer” and I will be fishing Minnesota tonight. We will have to head in around 10 as she works Friday morning. I’ll be heading out on the lake shortly to check on things before you arrive. Then I have some chores to take care of until you guys arrive. We will take our time and be patient and get Minnesota and Montana set up. If every things goes smooth it should take a bout 3 hours using the red baron. Drive safe.
I set Joel and his wife up yesterday where a 16 inch crappie was caught. Joel said they lost one right away at the hole so that was a good sign. During the day to boot. There are 4 or 5 wheel houses set up in a area that the guy said they did real well on the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies this season. I also got to see where Frank has been fishing as him and Russle brought out a wheel house. Not sure if Chad and his buddies from Bemidji will still be out there this morning but Chad said they have caught 82 since they found that spot last week. My new 1 mile driveway goes right buy them with in 20 yards. I’m sure Jake will want to put Montana and Minnesota close to that area? I expect since there from Bemidji they will be hitting that spot a lot as the season winds down. Looking very forward to wetting a line with the honey bunny tonight. Maybe I will accidently forget the vex and she will be lost? That was I can out fish her ,maybe?