Day Five, December 21, 2008

Well day five on the lake I believe. We had a nice little snow and wind storm yesterday afternoon about the time Jake and I went out of Hillmen’s looking for some fish. Oh well next time.
I did move California for frank and the boys. Frank and Danny AKA little buddy rode in the house while I towed it. We got them set up and they all had a great time. Frank said they caught a total of 23 fish after I moved them. Montana was the slowest house and not sure if they ended up with 4 limits or not. Florida had 8 yesterday and 1 crappie. Old Minnesota got there 6 and released quite a few. Utah did real well Friday night and had thier 9 by 11am on Saturday.
Adam and the guys went to a spot I recommended. They headed out Saturday morning and were back by 3pm with there 12.
Today they were going to check out the center bar for a couple of hours before they headed home.
Jake is spending the night on the lake and I ‘m ready to hit the sack. I was out fishing with him for a bit and we released 5 walleyes all under 17 inches. It’s a nice fishy area and I will be bringing all the sleepers around that area in the next few days.