Jake rolled in around two and we were off to move old Minnesota and Montana. I have high hopes for the spots I had picked out. We started to move Minnesota first then moved Montana first instead as Jenny and Gaberl were waiting in the truck to get into Montana. While Jake prepped Montana I retrieved old Minnesota and got her banked and augered for the Hammer and I. I then met Brian and Jeff on the driveway where I plowed them a spot right on the mother load. Jake checked in on them at 9pm they had caught over 20 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies. Joel came over before dark and got two just at sunset before he packed up as he did not have any lights. Tammy and Randy rolled in around 7pm and I pointed them to a spot .When I came off the lake at 10pm they had caught 2. Jake popped a dozen holes outside and fished in the breeze tell 8pm or so and never got one. He then took Gabe and the portable over by Jeff and Brian where they caught 3 and lost 3. Shawn has caught 3 since last night. Kellie and I had a nice dinner chicken Stir fry and lost a couple fish that may have been crappies. Jakes two buddies rolled in around 1am and caught two right away out of old Minnesota. They are fishing North Carolina the rest of the weekend. Jake is on shore right now and is chomping at the bit to auger holes. We went out this morning and fired up the heater in Florida and north Carolina and augered them out. The rest of Jakes crew will be trickling in today. I have a couple spots all picked out for Jake to auger for me as we spend the rest of the day fishing outside in the elements. I think the way its looks we may end up with a sunburn or two