Yes that was fun making the rounds last night as everyone was tickled pink except Casey . He made the mistake of fishing next to jake and watched him land 17 fish in a row while he only landed two. The way everyone got checked in and not going over the same routine has made it impossible to remember every ones name but I may have them down buy tomorrow. I did not wet a line last night with the group as another engagement took longer then expected. I may of missed some great fishing but I did get to visit with a bunch of guys that were giddy from all the evnings excitement. The only thing that could of made it better as if they were landing all those fish in the houses instead of around the houses. For some reason the wheel houses I set up had fantastic fishing and I have no clue why old Minnesota can not land on one of those magical spots for the hammer. The red baron is going to get another work out as I now want all the houses on fresh ice for the week ahead. I was hoping to leave them in the same places for the last week. Oh well give me more days to stay busy on the lake