12 17 15

well we ended up with 3 1/2 inches of snow . Better then the predicted 7 or 8 but more then we wanted. The temps have dropped and we are now truly making a little bit more ice. I would think we will gain a inch or two by Sunday witch will bring us up to around 8 to 9. Mike and his crew caught fish yesterday. I think they are going to stay another night? Darrin and his crew went home with there 9. I fired up blue thunder yesterday to plow and the noise coming from the left front does not sound to good. I be leave its the u joint and needs to be addressed asap. I plowed down at the lake to give the ground a chance to freeze better and clear out a area for Adam and his crew to camp with there wheel houses this weekend.
I talked to Jake and he will be up Friday to button up our new house North Dakota. We may try and move it down to the lake sunday. I’m a little concerned about that u joint though . The plan is to get the houses out of the woods sometime next week and that can really put torque on the 4 wheel drive. One of the fishing sites has a satellite pic of the lake on dec. 13th and you can see the big crack that runs through the center of the lake..