December 17, 2008

Digging out of the snow storm from Sunday on Monday did not go to well. After all the planning and prepping blue thunder this fall the front driveshaft wore out. . My trip to Bemidji to find a driveshaft failed as the cold decided to eat the power steering pump on the little red truck that could and I never made it to Bemidji. So yesterday morning I again headed out to get the part. I was able to install the new used part when I got back yesterday afternoon and blue thunder is up and running again.
I did manage to go out on the lake to give her a test drive and check California. There is quite a bit of snow drifted around it. It looks like the best option will be to move it instead of moving all that snow.
Tomorrow will be busy as I clean up the area I plan on bringing the houses to. There’s a fair amount of snow out there. I think most are glad we had some decent ice before we got dumped on. I know I wished it would not have snowed but it’s not something we can control so you have to do the best with what you’re dealt. Mother Nature 1 cookie 0