jan 3rd 2016

Tim and Jake hit the same spot they went to the day before. They still had decent fishing but only landed 19 for the day. Jake has some work at home to get done so they are taking off a day earlier then planned. My good friend Wayne and I played a little cards with them last night. Jake was the big winner and I told him next time I would be bringing the ringer my sweety ,Kellie the Hammer.
When I went to check on every one last night and top off the generators every one was bedded down or had the lights low so I did not find out how any of them did. Cory text this morning to give me a heads up the generator had quit for the second time this weekend. Turns out she is worn out and going through some oil. Last year the other 2500 generators charging system went out so it looks like Marty and I will be making two generators into one. She had a good life and both lasted 8 to 10 years respectively. I will be purchasing a used or new eu 2000 this week. Any one out there with a good used eu 2000 for sale give me a shout. Today after saying good bye to Cory and his family I will be moving Florida on to fresh ice for Brian and his crew tomorrow. Should be interesting out there today watching all the wheel leave the lake being towed by wheelers.