Jan,18th 2016

Wow does time fly when your having fun. I was a little disappointed when I checked in on all the guys in North Dakota and Montana Friday morning. Jim, Jimbo and Mike only had 4 or 5 fish in the bucket with no late night bite. Josh, Geno, Ken, Mike and Bob has some poor fishing and only landed one fish. Ouch. I told them we would be moving both houses Saturday to a new area if they did not do better through out the day.
Ryan, Richey, Chris and Pat arrived for Minnesota later in the day Friday. Pat , Richey and Ryan have been coming for years. They have stayed in florida, montana and old Minnesota over the years and always request old Minnesota when possible. Pat has recorded every fish they have ever caught on red lake including time and date. Pat told me last night that this was by far the slowest fishing they have ever had with me. Bummer. The lowest was 28 fish in a 3 night stay. As of last night they were only up to 12 ,They did manage to get 4 more in the bucket after I moved them yesterday. Richey also spanked me in a game of cribbage as he was on fire through out the weekend. They still have enjoyed there stay and Pat has made his reservation for just after Christmas next year.
Berry and Earley also checked in Friday for there stay in florida. They had Kellie and I out for dinner Saturday night and caught two while we were there giving them a total of 12 or so. Berry made a chicken and rice dish that was so good I had seconds. I told them next year maybe I could make them my smothered burritos as this was the second year they have had us for dinner. It sounds like they would like to rent north Dakota next year . Man will that be roomy with only two guys in there.
Jason and Bj checked into north Carolina Saturday .They caught a few fish the first day and yesterday they were up to 10 for the day when I talked to them. With a few of the guys help we moved montana and north Dakota saturday to give them another fresh spot for there last night. Jim told me they were happy with the fishing in montana where it was but I had no choice as both houses run on the same generator. I guess I may have to think about purchasing another generator to be able to separate the houses when need be. Again the 3 in montana out fished the guys in montana and got there 9 keepers with Jim winning the overall pot for biggest fish. Sunday was also a turn over for 3 of the 5 houses so I had to hustle to get 3 houses detailed out for the next groups. Being north Dakota and montana had only been fished one night they were staying put for now. Florida had good enough fishing to leave it where it was for Josh and his cousin that came with him at the last minute.
Over all the fishing was pretty poor. I guess if we caught them all there would not be any left. The cold weather -24 sunday morning did bite me in the butt a bit with my older generator. as it stopped running again. I quick trip home with two oil changes got it running again and yesterday I wrapped it in a Viking blanket to try and keep it a little warmer last night. No phone call yet so it must of helped. Two of my three augurs also became stubborn and acted up. I get so frustrated when they will not run when its cold .There ice augurs what good do they do if they only run when its 70 degrees. Today both need to be addressed to figure out what went wrong with them. A icon may be on the wish list but not sure what the cold does to the batteries? As I like my augur with me on the trucks in the elements and not sitting at home in the warm shop. I will be heading out shortly to gas up the generators and say good by to Pat and the guys. It sounded like Jake may be headed up today as he is dyeing to wet a line on one of his favorite lakes if not his favorite. He will do some scouting for me but if its any thing like the past he will end up finding good fishing miles away from where we are now. He also has a little more trim work on north Dakota to finish it up.
Buddy Hillmens road is again in great shape and now open 4 miles out. I spent a giant part of Saturday pushing snow to the southern berm and I imagine it will start to crack and flood this week as I did see some water seeping out from its banks. To all you off roaders blowing through that bank. It can be bad news and if you need to fish to the north of hillmens pay the 10 bucks and stop blasting through his berm. Not only does it make a mess but once it floods you have less the a 50% chance of making it on to his road. I did talk to a few different wheel houses this weekend and over all it was poor fishing for every one I talked to with just one or two fish per house. Goofy fish! don’t they know I’m trying to scratch out a living here and need better fishing
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  1. Cookie is one of the greatest hosts I know. I have stayed at a lot of resorts and no one compares to this guys customer service. Thank you for everything last weekend Cookie.

    Mike in Montana.

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