Jan. 19th 2016

Well today there will be a little venting and a little whining?
I ‘m basically doing the same things I have been doing for 13 years, I can be a little super stiches and maybe the 13 years is effecting the good fishing? We have been a little handcuffed with the goofy ice conditions this year. Yesterday I did measure 18 1/2 inches where old Minnesota is sitting so that was nice to see. Saturday when I was scouting for a new location Buddy Hillmen ask me not to plow any roads as he is still worried about cracks coming across his road from the weight of the snow berms. He said with the minimal snow I would be able to pull the houses right through it? I gave it a try and it worked fine. Years ago while towing our Alaska house I attempted the same thing only I drove into a little more snow, When I tried to power through it I broke a right front axel in blue thunder one, Since then I have always plowed a road before I pull me houses into areas. I will never forget that snapping sound as it was very distinct. After 13 years I learned something new from Buddy but I still would rather plow a road before I bring my houses into there spots. I guess that’s why I have been called a rouge plower at times. Oh well.
I ‘am also frustrated with the stitches I got last Friday in baudett. He should of flipped over my hand and gave it at least another stich as it is split open on the inside and I have had my two fingers taped together to let it heal. I told him I work with my hands so that’s why I had it stitched instead of taping them together. Oh well! I can’t stand needles and I do not have the time to go get another stich or two.
I have had Scott and Trent in montana for two nights. Scott is either Cory or Abbys dad. They have caught a couple fish but I sure am disappointed with the fishing there. Steve Chris and Brett have been in north Dakota for two nights and have also not done that well. They also fished a little bit in north Carolina and old Minnesota yesterday and snagged one out of north carolina. Last night they did have a 4 pounder in there bucket and a couple others plus Steve ate a couple fish. Josh and his cousin have been in florida for two nights. Again not fast and furious but they have scratched out a couple. Brian and Stacy checked into old Minnesota last night and while I was visiting. Stacy lost what we assume was her first ever walleye as they are from Kentuky.
Yesterday time was spent working on augurs as number 1 and number 2 gave me trouble the last two days. The blanket worked good on my old eu2000 but my brand new one stopped running again a few times in the last 24 hours errrr. Trying to keep everything running in this super cold weather is a grind. I got the Chrysler car running again. The bravado is eating antifreeze and may have a head gasket going out. The prospector needs another can of stop leak for the heater core and should cure the problem. The red baron needs the batteries charged if it sits for more then a couple days so I would guess it needs two new batteries? plus I have new injectors for it. But it has been to cold to even mess with them and I still do not need it on the lake for a few more days. It runs fine but has a high rpm miss that just bugs me after spending 500 dollars getting it tuned up last year. I have never changed injectors but it sounds like its pretty simple. Its sure is a challenge keeping everything running with this cold snap Fun Fun Fun as it does keep me hopping. I also put a new box fan in old Minnesota 17 dollars and it quits working 3 weeks into the season. What the f. Sorry about the venting. The great news is Jake is 2 hours from arriving and will be scouting for a couple new location for better fishing . Marty went home with a cold last friday and I hope he is ok as I have not heard from him. He has a few health issues that he has to deal with but Loves being here working on the lake. Just like me. That must be why we get along so well.