Day 24 January 9, 2009

Yesterday was another busy day as I had to rush out onto the lake to deal with a propane issue that was completely my fault. Bill and John ran out of heat. I had told them earlier in the day if there was any problems just sleep and fish in Idaho. I had an appointment and totally forgot to put a new tank on their house. I guess we all make mistakes and try and learn from them. The good thing is they did catch some fish and had a good time.
They caught over 20 fish but felt it was a little slow. John was whining about how slow it was yesterday when he landed a nice fat 16 3/4 walleye. I just rolled my eyes and went on my way. They also landed 1 30 inch pike with a couple of lures in its mouth. Bruce and his crew went home with their 9 walleyes and also enjoyed a fish fry in
Pat and his crew rolled in yesterday starting around 3pm. They had a party of 15 and all got sidetracked on the way up. Some others rolled in after 7pm and were grumpy as they had stopped at a casino. Not sure when the others rolled in as I was tired and hungry. I will head out in a bit and make sure they know all the rules such as not peeing on the side of the house, bagging up the poo bags, not drilling holes near any snow banks, etc.
With a turnover of California I again will be starting the day off busy as a beaver. John will also be rolling in and I need to plough out a spot for his wheel house close to Idaho.
Josh needs a spot ploughed plus he needs a little help digging his house out of the woods.
Sounds like Jake wants to come up Sunday and start scouting again for the elusive Upper Red Lake crappie mother load? At this time we will stay focused on the good walleye fishing. If you bring a portable I can and will point you in the right direction to better your odds at finding a crappie or two.
Mike from is out fishing in their hard house and hope to see if they can find a crappie or two today in their portables.
It’s getting light so I better hit the trail.