jan 30th 2016

I guess all I can say is stupid fish. Making the rounds last night was again a little disappointing. My first stop was to see how Tyler and his two buddies were doing .They showed up with there wheel house and I set them up where Randy and Chuck pounded on them last weekend. They were marking fish but only had one keeper after 5 hours of fishing. My second stop was Brett and his crew in Montana and north Carolina on new fresh spots. Montana had gotten two and north Carolina nothing yet. They were having a big fish fry though as they had fished portables most of the day and had there 15 walleyes and 4 yes 4 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies. One which had came out of north Dakota Thursday night. I then got a call from Keith. They were trying a new spot and had also caught one elusive yet still catchable red lake crappie and one keeper walleye. My next stop was Tony and his crew. The 5 kids which I have not gotten there names yet had caught 4 fish with one being a smaller northern in North Dakota on its new spot. Tony and Jimmy the kids dads were fishing Florida. They had not caught a fish but they had been helping the kids and were just starting to really fish.. Connie and Dave were in old Minnesota after we had moved them onto fresh ice. Connie had landed a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie and was quite excited. They had also landed a couple more walleyes and now had 5 in there bucket . Still not very good since they arrived Wednesday afternoon. I talked to Marlo and all though I do not know where he is fishing they had 6 in the bucket and there buddies in another wheel house also had some action. I did not get a chance to talk to Matt and his kids in there wheel house as they were trying a new area to the south west of me. Randy and Tammy’s wheel house looked very dark so I did not stop as I assumed they may of been sleeping. Boar and his buddies are also out there somewhere in there wheel houses and I will talk to them later today to see how they did over night. So over all my houses were not doing all that well. Marty and I will move Florida on the other side of north Dakota so Jimmy and Tony get a fresh spot for there second night. I will be moving Montana to a completely new area Sunday for Dan, Mel, Rob and Amy as it looks like I may of ruined another 10 acres of area. Who knows maybe I will get out there this morning and the rattle wheels have kept every one up all night as it has been known to happen in a sleeper.