Feb 1rst 2016

Well what the heck was I thinking? Just like I have posted this past week. Buddy Hillmens snow bank to the south of his road has sank and is a truck/fish house eating machine. Randy pulled a guy out that tried to make it across Friday. At the same time Buddy Hillmen was just up the road pulling a truck and fish house out of the berm. Another truck with fish house in tow drives by Buddy and goes 50 yards up the road and tries to cross the berm in another spot and he also buries his rig? I’m cruising down the ice road to get home and here’s Marty sitting in the red baron and two guys are buried in the berm. There trying to dig out with a plastic shovel. I stop and they say what should we do your the expert?. The one guys feet are soaking wet as he is shoveling in 2 feet of slush and water. I explain we can tug the truck across but the fish house will have to be un hooked. After tugging the truck out onto Buddy Hillmens road. I explain there is no way I can pull that fish houses trough that slush puddle mess and they need to exit the lake from hillmens, go around and pull the house out from the way they came from. Here’ s where I ‘m not thinking. I say here take my tow strap? go around and hook the strap to the front of the house and spin it around . You can just drop my new strap off at hillmens store when your done. See ya strap as it was never returned wtf. was I thinking. I guess its just another lesson learned here on such a grand lake that owes me nothing.
Now for the long winded fishing report. I had Tyler, Reid and Riley checking out a area that was good last weekend, I had Matt and his kids in another wheel house in another spot, Keith was just to the north east of me in his wheel house, Boar rolled in late in his wheel house and set up somewhere. Marlo was in a completely different area. Saturday morning and the report from all was one fish two fish very slow.
Old Minnesota had a little better action after Marty and I did the cookie shuffle. Connie and Dave headed home with there 6 walleyes Sunday morning plus a couple elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies. North Dakota had Jimmy and Tony’s kids. Brock, Luke, Lexi, Monica and Audrey. I checked on them a few times over the weekend and they were enjoying themselves. They ended up with about 12 keepers plus a couple they ate. I had to do the cookie shuffle for Tony and Jimmy Saturday morning as they had horrible fishing. Marty and I will no longer be fishing my houses prior to customers arrival. They did have better action and got there 6 walleyes. 2 the first day and 4 on the new spot plus another elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Brett and his crew Rob, Jason, Dave and Andy fished portables through out the weekend and only landed 6 walleyes in the two houses Montana and north Carolina. They were both on fresh ice in what was a fishy area last week. Dave did land a Sucker of all things in Montana very weird. Saturday they fished portables and found 4 more elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies plus only 12 walleyes for the day and they moved around quite a bit.
Randy and Tammy moved Saturday morning out further and did a little bit better, Keith moved out further and had a bucket full of small ones when I stopped in to see them Saturday eve. Tyler, Reid and Riley also moved out further and had way better fishing with a few perch mixed in and one a real hog pushing 14 inches. Tyler has a facebook page and we did a quick video while I was there. I saw Marlo leaving the lake Sunday and they had pretty good fishing where they were at. I called Matt Sunday as he was gone with the kids, they also had better fishing but nothing spectacular. I did look over when I was driving by and his kids were having a ball ice skating where I plowed them a rink.
All my houses did not do that well. The rattle wheels were pretty silent over the two nights .Not sure why there not biting at night?
We will reload today and start scouting for a new area to ruin

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