Feb 5th 2016

So I’m tooling down the ice road yesterday and I see a black garbage bag on the west side of the north west berm. I always try and stop when I see liter and pick it up. Some times I may have to get it a little later if I’m on a mission. I stop walk over to grab it and its full of frozen fish guts. That’s the second bag of frozen guts I have picked up this year. WTF? The first one I picked up a few weeks ago I threw in the back of blue thunder, I stopped to throw it away and when I’m walking to the dumpster it rips open and splatters all over the ground. There not frozen and of course I do not have my glove as there in the other truck. I ‘m trying to scoop them up and getting poked to boot. Very frustrating. Who ever does this please stay home and go fish in your toilet. Last year picking up liter was ridicules. Being on the lake every day for 100 days I am quite aware of some of the liter bugs. Rodger a old customer of mine that now has a skid house left quite the mess last year and I’m still waiting to see him so I can chew him out. It looked like he left a whole basket of laundry out there. Sweat shirts, jeans, tee shirt ,towels etc. Another outfitter left every block he used for his rentals? One spot I know he never went back to as when he pulled out there was his customers grocery’s. Milk, butter, beef sticks, eggs, cheese . etc. that were forgotten under the house . Some times I can not rescue a block that has completely froze in. Later in the year in march I try and go back to every area I have ruined and double check for any thing left behind. When we had are little crappie get together last year I would say 30 wheel houses showed up in the area we were working. Only a handful came out of there houses and said hi. When they all rolled out Sunday and Monday I found 1 pop can driving around. They may of not been the friendliest fishermen but they were very respectful of the lake. Yesterday driving home off the lake I had a big bang and thought I blew out a tire. I stopped to check it out and a bungee cord had snapped. Wow was it loud, I would of swaryed it was a tire I was thankful it was not the tire . I then backed up and gathered the two pieces laying on the ice. I also stopped last week when I was helping Buddy with the extended road as I saw something black and did not want to plow it in. It was a piece of the red baron. I never did look at the red baron to find out what it was. Its was plastic and I imagine it was a some type of splash panel.
Now for a very short fishing report. Mel, Dan, Amy and Rob did a little better in the new area I’m in the process of ruining. Not quite what I was hoping for but a dash better then where I was at. I planned on fishing another spot last night out of blue thunder but after moving north Dakota, old Minnesota, cleaning Montana, chipping out blocks left behind when I moved north Dakota. Washing the picture windows for Andy and Andy when they arrive Friday for Montana. I was to tired and worn out to augur any holes and wet a line, plus I had to make my homemade pizza for dinner. I will keep trying to check out the area I have in mind. On a side note accu weather had a big swing and a miss They said gust to 26 with a nw wind. I dressed for it and it was a lite southwest wind with sunshine all day, I was so over dressed. Marty made it up today and we have a very busy day today. Not sure how I’m going to dress better check accu weather.