Feb 5th 2016

Another interesting day on such a grand lake. Marty and I rolled on to the lake around 830am. I was hoping to be on the lake by 730 to catch the sunrise but got delayed. Oh well cant catch them all. Andy and Andy always want to be off by them self ,they bring there own generator and I do my best to get them off by them selfs. When I get out there to my surprise there are 20 rentals that have advanced to the east and now are much closer then where they were the day before. Then there is a new trail to the east. Oh well they still are off by them self and I just hope that the fish are not coming from the north as they have a gammit of lines to get through before they get to montana. The house is on a fresh spot and there is no time to move it and the v plow is out of commission for a day or two. For some reason there is quite a bit more snow in the new area I’m going to ruin. Stopped to see how old Minnesota did and they had better then average fishing .That was great to here as that is really the goal. Putting the houses on fish. We then spent the next 2 hours getting north Dakota and north Carolina set up for tanner and his crew. tanner and his group showed up and I checked them in. Then it was off to prep florida for Rolly and Kevin.Old Minnesota and florida would be running off the same generator. I go to plug it in and I’m 10 feet short. OOPS. I try and keep the houses about 200 feet apart and missed it by 10 feet. rather then go all the way back to shore I was able too borrow a extension cord from Tanner so it all worked out. Just as I was finishing florida Rolly and Kevin arrived. Perfect timing. Marty and I headed home to get the red barons v plow off and get her to town. Arriving back home it was time to rest a bit before taking the hammer out to have dinner with Randy and Tammy in there fish house, cabbage rolls. They were very good. We took Marty’s dodge 1 ton. I think great I will dress lightly and where my tennis shoes for a change. After having dinner I jump in the 1 ton diesel and meet Boar on the lake to point him in the right direction with his wheel house. I take him half way down the road where I have my rentals and pull of to a area I like. Boar comes over to say thanks and says I have your new spade shovel. Oh great I will get it tomorrow as I don’t need it tonight. I then drive down to the end of the road to check on Andy and Andy. Turns out they have had company most of the day as 5 trucks have driven with in 2 feet of the house to get around to the very end of the trail. Then the whole group moves just after dark and sets up out in front of the picture window, again driving right next to the house to get there. Oh well! I say good night and drive over to say hi and see how there doing. Turns out they are looking for the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. I then turn and drive towards the trail and proceed to get stuck in 10 inches of snow if that. I jump out to survey the situation and I’m in my tennis shoes. I look in the bed and no shovel. One of the guys says if you have a strap I can tug you out. Looking in the back seat and all I have is a over sized ratchet strap. That would have to do. A little more improvising and they were able to tug me out. Still not sure why I got stuck and I have a sneaky suspicion Marty’s tires are a little worn out. Two last stops to top off the generators and check on Tanners group and pick up the hammer and we were on our way off the lake. half way home a jeep decided to cross the south berm and was buried to his running boards. There was a truck helping them out so were headed home. Tired and worn out from another day of fresh air a grand lake