Feb 9th 2016

Just as I figured the roads on the lake were quite drifted. The nice thing about Buddy Hillmens’ highway as even though the snow had drifted there were still areas of bare ice and as long as you go slow even in blizzard conditions you can navigate your way off the lake. I talked to Buddy before I hit the lake with blue thunder .He told me to start on the north side and cut a new edge all the way to the end of the road. I got on the lake only to be greeted with high winds out of the northwest. With some lite snow coming down on top of the 3 to 5 we got she was blowing across the lake pretty good. I don’t quite understand where it all comes from. You would think the way it was howling it would all be blown away in no time but it just keeps coming and coming from the north west. Time I got to the end of the road and turned around the edges I had created were all ready catching snow. I headed back towards shore with a quick stop to check in on Russle and his dad in florida. The easiest thing to do was cross country to the house from the eastern side as the well maintained wide road I had made was pretty much full of snow. Stepping in to the house I from out of that extreme weather and it was just like stepping in to florida 70 degrees and no wind. They only had one keeper? Wow that surprised me as bobby joe and Darrel had left early in the am and had caught there limits less then 200 feet away. I was in a hurry and told them I would be back later. getting back on Buddy Hillmen’s highway and pretty much all the work I had done was now filled with more snow so I basically started over only heading east. Once to the end again I turned around and back I went for my third trip. I was clipping along pretty good letting the wind take some of the snow to the south .Another trip to the end and back and half way back I find my square shovel. It had magically fell off the truck. The next trip back I again stopped in at florida but this time I decided to plow into my old road bed. I new I had lost it but had to check it out . Once there a quick look at the box and generator and the extension cord coming out of the box had frozen into the puddle of water created from the exhaust. A little chiseling , repositioning the box and I walked over to old Minnesota. The weight of all the snow from drifting causes water to some how rise out of the holes and oozes out from under the house where it freezes like hot lava and somehow rises above the ice sheet. There under all that fresh ice is my extension cord. Frozen at least 10 feet under two inches of ice I would not be saving that and will have to roll it up hang it on a stick and come back and retrieve it in march when every thing starts to melt. Another quick stop in florida and still no more fish. I spent a few minutes giving them a couple tips,lures and tricks of the trade and off I went again. I met Buddy hillmen v plowing on the way in and his helper Kelly with the straight blade. What a mess as I think the winds had picked up. I was out of gas and needed to get to town to pick up the red baron so off the lake I came. Arriving back home around 5pm I had to put the v plow back on. With Barnys new design It changed the way the plow lifts and I struggled getting it back on. What I could do I my own in the past now I need a second person. Chandler was nice enough to help me and after a couple different atemps we got her back on. I was eager to get back out there and give her a test. buddy and Kelly had called it quits and open up only half the road as I think the winds had picked up when that stupid weather man kept saying on the radio all day the winds would be diminishing. Who makes up these weather reports? I gave the red baron a good work out on the way out and every thing performed just like it was designed. A third stop at florida and it was nice to see some more fish lying on the ice. My tips , tricks and lures had done the trick or the fish decided to swim under the house. Another short visit and off I went to get home for a nice dinner with the hammer and rest up for another day of plowing? Not sure what the plans will be today as the stupid weather says high winds for a third straight day. I hate to cut a new trail to the houses as the drifting will just fill it in. I will have to base my decision when I arrive out there as Russell and his dad are in a car, Andrew Jakes brother will be arriving some time today for north Dakota. Jake said they will help move the house but with the extreme weather not sure if that going to happen today. I also rented florida tomorrow? I may get the chance to see if the house can catch any fish on the fifth night on the same spot. Making any new roads to the houses will only fill in as fast as you make them. Mother nature is the real boss and winner out there and no matter how hard you try she is in control. I plan on hitting the lake at first light this morning and we will go from there. As Dave the old timer said . ITS A GRAND LAKE AND IT OWES ME NOTHING, NOTHING