jan 10 2016

I guess that accu weather is struggling with getting there prediction right. Yesterday when I hit the lake with the red baron the winds had finally diminished. I dropped the vplow and off I went throwing snow to the south. When I got to the end of the road I cut a new trail to florida so Russell and Gary could get back on the road. We said our goodbyes and they were taking home there 6 fish. back on Hillmens highway for more plowing. That crazy 454 gets horrible gas mileage. It was burning about a 1/4 tank every 16 miles that’s about 5 miles to the gallon. Granted I’m plowing snow. My third trip out and Andrew called with his buddies Dan and Luke. perfect I had Andrew stop by the house and get blue thunder as I would be needed both trucks on the lake. I forgot to tell Andrew to hit the toggle switch for the heater and he had a nice cold ride 8 miles out. When they arrive I then recruited Luke to become the designated v plow driver and I gave him a little training as we headed back to shore for more gas. Coming back on the lake and it was Luke’s turn to clip along throwing snow to the south. Once we arrived back to the houses I used the red baron to cut a couple path to north Dakota and old Minnesota I then turned Luke loose to continue v plowing as I recruited the other two to help move north dakota and florida. I have my procedures and with a little orders we had both houses on the main road in no time. Luke arrived back with the red baron and I cut a hole new trail all the way out to montana . A little time making the new road and again with there help we took both houses down the new road in a fishy area to ruin. I had them all set up and fishing by 3 pm and finished the night prepping florida for today. I headed back on the lake around 8pm and they had enough fish for a meal and also caught a couple scufits. I totally forgot to tell them that’s a good sign for the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie? I have just a little more v plowing to do on Buddy Hillmens highway this morning and again she is in great shape. It just amazes me how nice of a road Buddy makes. I have a passion for golf,billards,and working on the lake taking care of customers. Buddy has a passion for making his road and you sure can tell by the time he puts in to it. Its a pleasure to be part of such a long tradition. The red baron has two mounts for the v plow and I think I need to take out the pins and raise the back as the tip of the plow is not quite touching the ice. I will have to wait for Marty to return as the new modification made you need a second person to hook it backup. Off road travel is now a thing of the past in my eyes. As the snow has crusted over trucks with wheel houses are defiantly going to have more trouble going off road. There is a secret to traveling with them but its a secret . If you have a wheel house I would plan on tracking down a v plow or straight blade to cut you a path. Also leave the plastic shovel at home and bring a number 2 spade shovel. It gets old picking up broken plastic shovels. Yesterday was another grand day on such a grand lake . The sun was shining all day and you could see for miles. With snow plumes to the west, east, and south all the operations spent the day opening up all the roads. Today I plan on digging old Minnesota and north Carolina out and getting them into new areas to ruin. Stu and his crew have florida rented today and tomorrow. That means Friday I will have to put florida on a fresh spot for Leroy and family. They have been coming for quite a few years and rented the cabin the first time I met them .