Day 22, January 7, 2009

Day 22 and it’s impossible to ever take a day off which is fine with me. I’m always a day behind though and there’s always something that’s unplanned to deal with. Hopefully Bruce, Tubby and Brian caught some fish in Montana and I do not have to worry about letting them fish in another house. It’s always been a problem of mine putting fishermen in a house that may be burned out. If we could have the houses on some sort of structure I think the houses would stay fishy longer.
The way the snow is piling up I would suggest guys bring portables if they would like a better chance at crappies.
I sent a few guy out of Hillmen’s last weekend. Mitch and his two buddies caught 4, Keith got 3 or more. Another guy hammered the walleyes. So they are still a few to catch. Hillmen’s is still your best bet to get into the best crappie grounds although I will keep scouting for them. We managed to catch a few stragglers at 3.7 miles out of Agassiz but never any numbers. Not sure why its just one here or there wish I could figure it out.

I should have all the houses out of that area by the end of the day and there’re trails all over the place from the Red Baron. Who knows maybe there’s a school in that area and I never landed on top of them. The lure of Upper Red Lake is in my blood. Kellie the wife will be tickled pink to land a couple this year. She gets so mad when I can not put the house on a crappie for her. Well I have plenty to do before light so I better get busy.