march 5th 2016

Trolling with old Minnesota? I told the hammer I will be moving old Minnesota on to fresh ice today. Tammy and Randy were up to 7 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies. Duke was up to 5. Another group got 3 last night out of the same hole. Other then that there were less then a dozen fishermen hunting for these very elusive fish. Yesterday on my working vacation I headed out on the lake with blue bring the rest of the fleet down the mile road I made to get to the area I wanted to fish. The reflection of the sun causes the one side of the shacks to melt into the ice a bit. each house had to be broken loose but that was not a big deal. As it started to snow. Every thing went smooth and I had them all over there in short order. I then ask randy if he could give me a ride to shore to get the red baron as both trucks are required to prep areas. The snow had picked up quite a bit. It had to be coming down more then a inch a hour. When we arrived onto Hillmens highway it was a full blown white out. Realizing it was dangerous and impossible to see we quickly turned around and headed back where I would be taking a nap in old Minnesota while wetting a line. Duke and his buddy were going out searching for the mother load and stopped by but they said I was sleeping like a baby. I did not sleep long and the rattle wheel awoke me. A couple misses and another elusive yet all most catchable upper red lake crappie was lost at the hole. Educated another one. It was then time to get back to work. Once I arrived back to old minnesota with the hammer I got back to work prepping a new area for montana as Marty and his sweetie shell are headed up this morning. Once I had montana blocked banked and all set up I headed back for another evening of movie watching, cooking dinner and maybe catching a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. When I stepped in the house the hammer was not happy as a fish got her new 6 dollar lure. She tried the rest of the evening to re catch that fish and get her lure back with no avail. Once marty arrives we will be heading out to augur out a couple holes in montana and I will sniff out a new spot for the hammer and I to enjoy another evening of fishing with friends on such a grand lake.