another opener in the books

This years opener was a eye opener as mother nature decided to unleash some strong winds out of the north north west with bone chilling temps . Getting on the lake was possible but it had to be miserable if you were out there. Frank and the crew did well in the river and landed enough fish to feed there group two big fish fries for the weekend. They have been coming for years and taking home fish is not a big goal but getting enough for there fish fry and fish boil is what its all about.
Wayne, Jonny boy my son and I did go out sunday as I wanted to send john home with 3 fish. It was not the best weather to fish but we managed to land a 15 fish in the couple hours we fished before we ran out of minnows. Our boat Imagine That needed a new battery this year as the original one finely gave out after 12 years of service. All the family are coming up memorial weekend. Other then that our cabins are wide open this year. I’m a little surprised as I expected we would have quite a few calls this year. jake was up last week Monday and part of Tuesday. We had to battle mother nature a bit but did manage to land 8 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies. Jake did not keep any and I kept 3 for the hammer and I to have a fresh fish dinner.
On a side note getting on the lake with our 20 foot tyee is was manageable in the wind on sunday but I did bottom out twice and that always drives me crazy. I’m not sure why the markers are so close together as there not even a channel there. Coming in with the wind I ended up going on the right side of the markers with no problem. I would not go to the right of the markers going out though as I be leave there are some rocks scatter about to the north