yesterday while mowing the ball fields here in waskish I came home for lunch and got a call from a good friend Chris. He was in blackduck and wanted to know if I would take it out fishing . I hoed and hummed about 10 seconds and said sure. Pick up some crappie minnows and meet me here at the house around 6 pm and we would go look for the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. Arriving to the spot there were 3 boats working a half mile stretch. We pulled in started fishing and listening to some jonny cash. The first bobber down was a pesty walleye. Oh well he would be a good eater. A few walleyes later and Chris landed the one and only elusive crappie of the evening. With the water temp at 63 I expected we would do better? I guess why that’s why they are so elusive. We did manage to get 6 very nice walleyes with two coming in just over 18 inches. I made a deal with Chris and he fillet the fish plus I had him cut out all the cheeks. Yum Yum Yum fresh fish for dinner tonight