june 6th 2016

Well it was not to bad of a weekend. Bob, Dennis and Greg staying in the grey cabin arrived to late Friday evening to get out. While they were unpacking I noticed they brought there golf clubs. Greg said they planned on getting a round in, I dropped the ball and should of steered them up to Oak Harbor Golf course where I work. They ended up going to blackduck sunday afternoon when the winds blew them off the lake. I’m thinking they may of walk the course as one of them commented it seemed like it was all up hill. Any way back to fishing .They did come in Saturday late afternoon with there limit for a fish fry. I was hoping for some very calm weather to try for the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie but the wind never layed down to my liking. I do have plenty of projects to keep me busy here though. Living in waskish you learn to fix quite a few things yourself. For instance the dryer needs a new hub bearing so that has been taking apart and a couple parts ordered. The bravado has a antifreeze leak on the intake manifold so I have that half apart with quite a bit more to go before I know what parts I need. The john deer lawn tractor broke its hydro drive belt I had to remove the deck and lift the thing off the ground to pull a pully to install the new belt plus I had to remove the carb and clean it. I finished making my drag and had to go over to Davids and torch a couple pieces of metal to length. I have some painting to do this summer /fall. I also have a couple trees that need to come down but I do not do chain saws so I’m trying to barter for that. So the last week I have been a small engine mechanic, a car mechanic, a appliance repairman, a carpenter/fabricator.

Any way back to fishing it sounds like the fish are starting to scatter a bit. I may get out later today as its looks like its going to be a gorgeous day here. The grey cabin is open for the weekend at this time and both cabins are open the rest of the summer