June 24th

wow its been all most 20 days since I last posted a fishing report. I guess I will share one of the reasons my reports are far and few between? When we went to a 4 fish limit on the 14th it was a windy day so there was not much action at the public landing . However on the 15th it looked like opener. I was up mowing at the park/public landing and there were areas I could not mow as there were trailers parked on the grass. Again please do not be offended but where do they all come from? yes some stop and have breakfast or lunch at westwind, or buy bait in town. But most come for the day and never spend a penny in town. I realize that it is a fishing destination with no other activities golf, water park etc. I do not think I have ever seen a boat in tow stop at Sandys little antique store at the edge of town. Its never a bad idea to stop and buy a gift for the sweetie for letting you go fishing. I also realize that they are spending hard earned money to get here so there helping the economy somewhere. Sandys and north country sell locally grown wild rice. Hillmens ,westwind, north country all sell bait and tackle.

I had Ken and his two daughters here for a week from fathers day until the 24th . They have been coming for quite a few years staying in the grey cabin. Ken likes pulling crankbaits and they caught fish every day they went out. They brought the bicycles and went for a couple bikes rides. I never did see the girls go down to the lake and swim though. They had a couple fish fries and went home with there 12. Pat came up with Nate and Nate for a couple days Monday through Wednesday and stayed in the little green cabin. The wind was a factor in there fishing. I did take them out in my boat “Imagine That” after work on Tuesday. We headed into the wind to the north shore and were able to get out of the four foot rollers and do some trolling with spinners. Nate got to catch his first ever walleye which was nice. We only caught a few fish but did have some action. They headed out to the same area Wednesday and did much better as the wind had finally laid down. Marty and wayne were up on the 10th and 11th We all went fishing. I had to run the big motor with the wind conditions but we did real well trolling spinners. I had the hot hand and out fished both of them. I would guess we caught 50 fish for sure. We used up 3 generous scoops of minnows for the day. I had to stop in westwind harbor to get gas. When I was coming back on the lake I was just about to the last channel marker when a boat came from behind me full speed I never saw him coming ,He did not hit his horn that he was passing and man am I glad I did not turn left as I never saw him coming. Not sure why he was in such a hurry. Must of heard they were biting good? Who knows? Wild Bill was up also with his wife and daughter. They camped down at the lake for a couple days. They caught fish everyday drifting with leaches. Both cabins set open last weekend. I did go down to Rodgers Saturday and picked up a family Paul, Amanda, Br ady and Cody. they were friends of Joe Flak a old customer. They were camping there. He did not have room in his boat for everyone so I took then fishing. We drifted a area I like and had at least one bite or landed a fish every drift. I’m sure Joe marked that spot as he said it was not on his lakemaster chip? Oh well I better get off to work sounds like The golf course Oak harbor got quite a bit of rain Saturday. Both cabins are still wide open the rest of the summer.