July 25th 2016

Well she been a little quiet around here as of late. My buddy Wayne made it up for the weekend of the 15th. We did get out and do a little fishing but after all those days of wind the bite was a little tough for sure. We only managed to land 4 small walleye with the biggest just over 15. I was a little surprised as we hit a couple of my go to spots. I spose there’s plenty of food for them to eat out there this time of year so maybe trying some leeches may be the ticket. Sunday Wayne was not feeling to well so we skipped the fishing. We did go check out a few blueberry patches, I ended up picking about two quarts. Wayne is possessed with those small wild strawberry and was on the hunt for those. We did stumble on to a juneberry tree that had so much fruit on it, it was bent over all most touching the ground. Tuesday I got out fishing by my self and with leeches managed to get 4 for dinner but it was tough. Friday Boar and his wife Laura camped down at the lake. Boar and I went out Saturday morning and again managed to keep 4. Jeff did loose 3 fish and I missed a couple bites so the fishing was quite a bit better. Sounds like Boar will be up again this weekend and we plan to wet a line. Were also going too do a little scouting as he may come up and do a little hunting this fall. Lee and Nick came up Sunday and the wind kept them off the lake. They had a very small boat, but they had a plan B and brought the golf clubs so they headed to Blackduck where the played 27 holes. Marty and Shelly showed up late Saturday as they were at a wedding in grand rapids. we all set down at the lake for the sunset and then set in Boar and Laura’s Clam screen house when the skeeters came out. Wow is that thing nice and goes up easy peasy. Sunday we all set down at the lake and just chilled. Jeff and I went for a swim while Kellie and Laura got a little to much sun. Monday Nick and Lee got out fishing .Again the wind got the best of them and they showed up at Oak harbor golf course where I work to play another 18. I told them we could go fishing in my boat Tuesday morning so they just pulled there boat Monday evening and we went out early morning where again we managed to catch a few fish. Lee left me two jars of home made maple syrup .Thanks Leo.

This weekend is Hillmens 31rst annul Billy Hillmen softball tournament, with festivities starting Friday evening. There still looking for more teams. Saturday after softball they play a mean game of 4 man tackle football in the mud pit and its always a big turn out. August 6th Westwind is having a 32 team Kornhole tournament, You can check out there website for details.

Paul and his two boys are coming up fishing this weekend and Jeff, Wayne and I plan on wetting a line also