Aug 1rst 2016

Well another weekend has came and gone and its back to the grind today. Our friends Wayne came up for a little fishing as well as our friend Boar. Paul, Nik and Nate were in the grey cabin for the weekend. They arrived Friday evening and the hammer checked them in while I was still at work. They got the boat launched and got out for a bit where they landed 2. Adam called out of the blue friday eve. and wanted to know if he could come up with Justin and pitch a tent down at the lake. They rolled in around 10 30pm. Wayne, Boar and I headed on the lake about 730 am as I wanted to troll for a big pike for a fishing contest I’m in. We made 1 1 mile pass with 3 lures out and nothing. The wind was blowing pretty good out of the south . Off we headed to one of my go to spots this time of year. We all decided a dollar for the first fish, a dollar for the biggest fish, and a dollar for the most fish. The first drift and it was fish on for Boar. A nice keeper walleye was in the live well. Wayne got snagged and broke his line. the second drift and again Wayne snagged his line again. The third drift and again wayne got snagged while I put a fish in the box. There were lots of yucks as we made drift after drift landing a fish here and there. We had our 3 over 17 in the live well and a couple under when wayne landed a nice fish well over 17. Because we had our three over wayne threw it back before measuring it. It was to funny as we agreed it was not measured and did not count as the biggest fish. Wayne got on fire and took the lead with most fish at 11. I ended up with 9 and Boar ended up with 7? I had took a pic of my biggest over 17 on the measuring board for the contest I’m in and through it in the box. When we pulled off the lake we had our twelve with boar winning first fish, wayne winning most fish. We decided that the biggest was a tie for wayne and boar at 18 1/4 inches. Later in the day Boar was looking at our pics and took a closer look at my fish for the contest and it turned out It was 18 3/8th. I won the biggest fish after all. Man did we have some good laughs. Paul ,Nik and Nate ended up with 10 fish and were happy. Justin and Adam/Ginger did not do well and only landed a couple smaller fish. We did a fish fry Saturday eve, and all ate like kings. Sunday boar had to hit the road so wayne and I headed out and placed the same bet. Wayne landed the first fish, the biggest fish and the most fish. I on the other hand could not buy a fish and at one point got snagged 4 times in a row and all 4 times broke off my gear. Wayne ended up with 9 fish and we kept 3 . I did have a fish all most to the boat when it got off and again we had some good yuks about that. As of now the cabins are wide open this up and coming weekend. Ted and his crew come up on the 11th and my sister and nephew are coming up on the 10th for a little r@r

2 thoughts on “Aug 1rst 2016

  1. Hi Cookie,
    It was nice meeting you on the lake yesterday – Sunday.
    Also, Wayne was on fire…. catching all those fish.
    He put on a clinic.
    Have a nice day,
    Bill – Grand Rapids.

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