aug 17th 2016

Well it was great to have family up this past weekend. My Sister Lavon, her friend Cindy, my nephew Larry jr. and my niece Karmon arrived Wednesday evening. We did get out for a bit Thursday but it was a tough bite with only landing 4 fish in a couple hours. My brother and his friend Shannon arrived thursday late afternoon. After dinner us guys went for a ride so I could go over the boat with warren as I had to work Friday and he could take the boat out. They ended up trolling spinners in 7 feet of water and kept 8 fish. Saturday was a bit windy but we trolled for big pike for a bit and landed one smaller pike. Saturday eve we attempted to get out . With the winds out of the west just over 10 mph it was a little rough out there and we gave up after a bit. The guys in the grey cabin only ended up with 7 fish for the weekend. So to sum it up the bite was a little tough. We did manage to have a great fish fry but know one went home sunday with fish.