dec 14th 2016

Still trying to find my groove but had a pretty good day yesterday. I’m haunted with being a perfectionist so I fired up the heat in a florida and old Minnesota so I could give them another once over. Today I will do the same for the other 3 houses so there warm for tomorrows agenda. Man did the winds blow yesterday and accu weather is saying gust to 32 today. Zoiks is all I can say and happy the houses are still tuck in the woods at this time. 80 percent if not more of the snow on the lake is now on the shores of upper red lake. I expect there is some massive drifting around the stacked ice out there. sounds like a few fish are being caught but theres no way I would of wanted to be out there yesterday. Still trying to dial in our Cookie’s on upper red lake page so if you have time check it out and feel free to leave a comment so I can see if its working Thanks everyone and have a great day