I have not been out that far .Buddy Hillmen measured 7 to 8 inches under the snow covered areas and 10 to 11 on clear ice. The huge wind put most of the snow on the shore line but there are areas that are snow covered out there. I expect the outfiiters /guides will start hauling skid houses sunday or monday .
Still working on the new face book page. I guess its a work in progress.
Yesterday after the bug blow for 30 or more house I spent 2 hours helping Buddy Hillmen clean up his landing. A good work out for blue thunder and the red baron. Had a little panic type attack as I was finishing with the v plow/red baron. It felt like I was over revving it and the tranny was slipping? Zoiks. I jumped out but everything looked good other then 5oo pounds of snow was stuck on the plow . I got her on the highway and everything shifted and felt fine so it must of been all that snow.
I then spent the next couple hours doing some work in old Minnesota and running my new generator from last year hooked up to the extra 5 gallon berg system? After 4 hours she stopped running? ERR. It fired right back up and I loosened the cap on the generator. I left it running and when I went down there at 8 pm it again was not running. Err again. Today I’m going to loosen the cap on the berg and again run it all day and night. If it dies again I will try raising the tank above the generator. If that does not work I may take it to acme and throw it through there window? just kidding but frustrating to say the least.
Put a new 32 inch tv in old Minnesota so that’s a nice upgrade. With this cold weather coming tonight and tomorrow the plan is to heat all the houses and make sure everything performs before there on the lake for the season. Were counting down the days and if everything goes as planned they will be coming out of the woods and onto the lake starting Monday morning. Then the real fun will begins as I come and go off this grand lake for the next 100 days or so.
I have heard of a few better fishing report from 2 very reliable friends? The first time I drop a line in, I will be in the comfort of old Minnesota if everything goes as planned.
Last night Westwind the premier resort on the shore of upper red lake had there customer appreciation. It was nice wishing a lot of locals merry Christmas and the drinks and appetizers were awesome. I have a couple friends and fishermen coming up to day brave the elements and do a little scouting for me to boot.


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  1. I have 2 berg tanks one is an original ( or very close to the first type sold ) for years it has given me great service winter or summer but this year at deer camp it acted up. I elevated it above the generator and it worked great with no problems but it leaked out the cap if the generator wasn’t running. I didn’t spend much time trying to find or fix the leak. My thoughts are it’s a very small hole but just enough to interrupt the vacuum out of the tank. Then it uses up the gas in the generators tank and when the tank get sucked dry no more generator till I fill up the tank again. As for the newer tank it’s caused trouble since the day I bought it but once again I elevated it above the generator and no problems other than it leaks a little gas at the cap when the generator isn’t running. I hope this helps because I can use the tank and fish 3 days straight with out needing to fill up the generator or berg tank.

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