Dec 19th 2016

Wow where to begin. Cold, Cold, Cold! Mother nature reared her head and cost me a little Christmas/ start up money as most of my fishermen and friends bailed at the last minute. I can’t blame them ther’e no way I would be out there 28 below with out transportation and a warm cozyhouse. Looking back though the greek and I suffered the wrath of mother nature a few times over our hunting and fishing when we were younger. Getting older either your wiser or its just to much work. I did have 3 guys show up. Gus, Joe and Dan stayed down at the lake. Younger guys and very nice. They have a buddie that has a hard house out of jrs and since it was not out they did the portable thing. Friday they did not fair well but Joe said they had a Blast and found some fish saturday eve. when it was 20 below to boot. Dan and his group were going to stay on the river lot so I got that all plowed and then they canceled. I think they were able to get there ice castle towed out on the lake. Just as I expected the fishing reports were much better, but that should be expected when there’s well over 2000 fishermen on the lake. I did hook up with ty tish and did a short video with him. If I was computer savvy I could put a link on here. T TISH Outdoors on facebook. Great guy and I get a kick out of his reports. I gave the generators a good work out and got them dialed in a both ran the houses all weekend with a load on them in the elements with no issue. I had to go back to what worked last year a blanket tucked around them, exhaust down wind and The burg system thrown in the shed for now. I went out side at 2:30 am when it was 28 below and fired up blue thunder. I left it running until 730am. The red baron must have 2 weak batteries as she did not start. I guess it should be a he since its the red baron. I put the trickle charger on it and di d not try and start it until late in the afternoon yesterday when he fired right up. So I put 2 batteries are on the Bemidji list.
The good news is all our deluxe houses are full for the weekends of januray . Our 2 man North Carolina is not rented much but will becoming out of the woods today and be the first one on the lake 3 years in a row. Then it will be florida, montana, north Dakota and following up the rear our heaviest house old Minnesota. I’m going to have to pace my self the next few days as my mentor cousin Pete taught me do not be in a hurry, be patient. My back is also bothering me and I’m looking for a helper for the season. They will be fishing a lot in the evening and morning as they have to float around in the houses through out the winter. They do get weekends off though. If any one knows a young buck that would like that give me a call and we can talk. Some of the duties. Driving the red baron ,auguring, holes, cleaning and vacuuming houses. moving the houses etc. knowing how to operate a shovel is huge lol. That’s about it other then still farting around with the new facebook page. Cookie’s on Upper Red Lake I also will be talking to Buddy Hillmen later today. I expect 3/4 tons out by this Wednesday or Thursday but we will see what he has to say. I know he has rentals out and may have some houses still open the weekdays after christmas