DEC. 30th 2016

Yesterday went pretty well considering?
Got a call at 7am Gordie’s keys got locked in his truck so I was off and running for the day. Putting out fires per say comes with the job. After getting into the truck we said our good byes as they hit the road. I would guess the two house old Minnesota and Montana got 20 fish. We did play a game of texas hold um Wednesday at prime time 5 pm. Out of 6 players I made it to third. Darn the luck. Ken and the girls did not fair very well in florida. Ken will be back up in a couple weeks to give it that old collage try. Pat, Ryan and the boys are here one more night in North Dakota. There new favorite house. And they loved Old Minnesota. They have went to westwind the premier resort for fish fry’s two days in a row. Why does it always taste better when someone else makes it? I met my helper Jimbo back onshore for more training and off we went to clean, move , and set up 3 of the 5 of our fleet. With the winds howling out of the nw. Jimbo is picking it up nicely , In another week we will be working on the same page like a well oiled machine. Mother nature was being cruel out there all day. Trying to cut any trail was fruitless as it basically drifts as fast as you plow. Every wheel house, truck, and skid house now have 4 foot drifts around them. Should make it real interesting when they all start pulling out the next few days. There also will be a lot of flooding in all those spots I imagine As our grandma Olga would say in that Swedish accent and what we named our boat “EWWW IMAGINE THAT” After getting old Minnesota and Montana set up I had to find my way to shore and meet Rick, Mike and Matt. They have also been coming for years and always request old Minnesota. I did not mention north Dakota as I expect they to will jump ship just like Pat, if they spend the night in there. My good friend Jake built one hell of a house. Hindsight it could of been even bigger as the runners stick out on both ends and make it tough to plow the snow away from the house. On the way back out I also met Pang as they were out there in portables. Pang brought a rookie all the way from Germany and I will have to work on his name. I then got a hold of Mathai? and his family as they were going into Florida and I explained that I would not be able to move it due to the conditions. That was fine with them so back to shore I went to escort them out to Florida. Taking them to Florida in a blizzard /white out. Once I got them taken care of I was heading home for a little break as it was one heck of a day and to think I’m going to do it all over again today? Glad I love the work or I would be in big trouble. Just a few more things. Totally sick of accu weather so if any one has a better weather site chime in. We have a big blow coming at noon today with 3 to 6 inches of snow and the temps plummeting into next week . Batten down the hatches here we go. I knew coming into this winter she/mother nature was going to rear her ugly side this year. I just did the no snow, snow dance so will see if that works. Its going to be a absolute mess out there after new years. Making the rounds last night and all 4 houses had at least a couple fish so will see how they did over night. Another big day, not sure if my helper Jimbo can help me today. I would like to move north Dakota, Florida and north Carolina. Might be a little tough on my own but we will give it a shot because that’s what I do on as the old timer Dave told me” ITS A GRAND LAKE AND IT OWES ME NOTHING,NOTHING” Wow I forgot to mention The elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie.