jan 2nd 2017

Wow ! Just crazy,
This is going to be another long post. Pang, Terry and Pasel were in florida they had a interesting trip. The co stopped and pang had cleaned 2 of there 4 fish for lunch. The law says the only fish you can clean you must be in the process of cooking. he was nice enough to give him a warning but did confiscate his fillets and made him keep the carcasses as part of there limit. The highlight was 530pm that night when Terry landed a very chunky elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. My helper Jimbo could not help me friday so I recruited kellie the hammer to help me. She cleaned the houses while I attempted to move 3 houses in one day. North Dakota went pretty smooth, North Carolina was a quick move is it was just sitting out there on the lake. The hammer cleaned florida while I was moving north Dakota, when I arrived at north Dakotas new spot and unhooked the house I walked around the door side and the door had swung open. I closed the door and continued blocking and banking it as Jake and Justin would be arriving for one night. I then fire up the augur and the door will not open? Locked? about that time they call as they have arrived. I explained the situation and came to shore to get key for door. We get bac k out there and the door will not unlock? Wow We boosted Justin through the window and had him remove the door handle where I took the ice chisel and busted out the innards . I got the holes augured out and headed over to block and bank north carolina and Mark and collete called they were at hillmens waiting for north Carolina. I banged out the prep work and again back to shore to escort them out. By then I was spent and florida would have to wait . making the rounds later that night and Justin and jake had 2, Rick, Mike and Matt had decent fishing and ate fish for the second night in a row. Mark and Collet also had a couple in the bucket.
Saturday morning Jimbo was able to come over and help me move florida before Ben and his family arrived. Ben proposed to Shawna years ago in old Minnesota and now they have 2 kids Willa and Louie. We also punched out the holes in montana and north dakota. Then just like that and all customers started rolling in. Cory and his family arrived for north Dakota. Tim and Amanda for montana and lee and larry for north Carolina. making the rounds later that night and lee and larry had left with there 6, Minnesota had some action. florida was slow as well as north Dakota. Tim and amada looked like they were sleeping as the lights were off . Wow sunday I spent the day checking on everyone. I made a quick ice rink for Louie ,visited with everyone and plowed on buddy hillmens road prepping for the next snow storm? I did the no snow dance again as it has worked twice ..I sure do not expect it to work a third time? Crazy last night was quiet at all the houses when I checked in with Tim and Amanda. No sooner then I left and Tim landed a 25 inch walleye. The families all had the lights low so I did not bother them. They sure enjoyed the lake out there yesterday with Cory and the kids chasing flags, Ben and his family skating and also tending flags and just running around outside. Quite the site as the weather was just beautiful. Wayne, the hammer and I did dinner in old Minnesota where we landed two fish, played cards and had a fabulous dinner, beef kabobs and shrimp.

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