jan 5th 2017

Mother nature is kicking my butttt. Plan A turns in to plan B, Plan B turns into Plan 3 and from there its abort abort. Trying to find a groove to get in my morning updates has been a struggle for sure. The fishing over the new years weekend could of been better. I would say counting all the kids 33 fishermen 61 fish or so. Cory Abby and the kids did not fair that well but there friends right behind them got 12 and the group of wheel houses just behind them did fairly good. Missed it by 100 yards . Monday morning and we were up to 8 inches of powdery snow and Hillmens highway was pretty much gone. I would say it looked like the moon out there. With the wind howling everything on the lake was drifted in. The big plans were to get all the houses moved. Wayne was staying in old Minnesota until Wednesday . He was fine staying where the house was after Rick and his brothers Mike and Matt left sunday. Each day got worse , it never seems to get better. He went home with his three but there was not much action. Dan, Rich and Tony? checked into montana and nded up getting 5 the first night. Dan in north Carolina did about the same but did land a pike on the rattle wheel. He did get some line burns on his hands as he decided to put fire line on one of the rattle wheels. We did get north Dakota moved but the snowy condition got so bad with white outs that we had to throw in the towel. Tuesday and again all the plans went out the window. Buddy Hillmen’s road needed to be cleared so we basically plowed most of the day. The wind was again howling with snow drifting as fast as you moved it, very frustrating as you can not beat mother nature. The side road I had plowed was gone. I spent close to 3 hours cleaning all the snow that had accumulated at the end of hillmens highway road. Dan and Megan also showed up for one day so I had to check them in. They spent 1 night and got 3. Dan had a side by side with tracks and they went all the way to center bar where they got skunked. Yesterday I cut a new trail to the houses said goodbye to the guys, We moved florida and prepped as Bob and his crew would be arriving around dusk. Buddy hillmen decided to cross the crack at the cones and open the road out to the next pressure ridge, I also checked Tom and his crew into north Dakota for a day of fishing. Monday we took the hammers trail blazer in for tires and the ac pumped locked up when I arrived at the tire shop so when the tires were done I had to have a flat bed come pick it up and take it too a repair shop brand new tires and we had to tow it. I got the summer beater going . I come back off the lake last night and hit the key and nothing Starter? plus while we were clearing buddy’s highway the red baron quit and we towed it to shore where the mechanic Tom is going to track down the problem today. We think its a broken ignition wire. So our daily driver is our lake truck blue thunder. Zoiks!!! is all I can say. Just another day as the old timer up here said to me years ago “ITS A GRAND LAKE AND IT OWES ME NOTHING NOTHING”