jan 6th 2017

So here we go another weekend has arrived. The good news is the red baron is up and running again. It was icu or ecu in the distributer cap. I have a hard time throwing things away up here and sure as shi I had one in my collection of parts. The red baron with its big v-plow and 454 is my all around work truck, Blue thunder is our plowand house moving machine.
Tom and his 3 buddies fished north Dakota for the day on Wednesday and did all right ,plus they landed two pike over 30 on there rod and reels. Yesterday I put in a long tough day as again mother nature said here take this 11 below zero all day,the wind would of been a asssss kicker but it was lite and variable just like the new weather site I’m now using predicted they were spot on.
I had Bob and his crew in florida for the night and they ended up with 6, Craig and his buddies arrived to fish in north Dakota for the day as they were with Bob and his crew in Florida. I had to bump Bob and his crew in to Old Minnesota for the day as Florida was rented to Ron and his cousin’s Tony and Eric from new jersey of all places “That brings nightmares of my army training at fort dix new jersey” They did not roll in tell after 9 pm last night so I basically spent 12 straight hours on the lake other then coming home to switch trucks and have dinner. yesterday I moved, prepped and augured holes in north Carolina as Ron and his cousins will also be using that house. I then got montana moved and prepped. I will punch out the holes later today for Tanner and his crew that also have north Dakota and the cabin for the weekend. 5 wheel house in snuck behind me and set up so I hope any fish are not coming from thataway. they all drove right over my extension cords across the road? Oh well what can you do there all potential customers in my book. I make some crazy roads around my house with the red baron and its way easy to get confused. I’m not a road engineer I tell the honey bunny “the hammer” when she asks. I do have a reason why I plow this way, plus its fun turning into the big berms with the v-plow 😀 I have no clue when Tanner and his crew will be arriving and I need to get north Dakota moved closer to montana. I also have to move old Minnesota before dark as hunter and his crew arrive some time after 8 pm tonight. My helper Jimbo had other commitments yesterday and today so I’m on my own again. Not looking forward to punching 22 holes today plus a few extra for Ron and his cousins tip ups. My poor back is worn out as I have dealt with back pain for over 30 years. Speaking of 30 years the hammer and I have been married 39 years today. Not sure how she has put up with all my shenanigan’s but she knew how I felt about divorcing when we married . She was only 15 and I was a day older then 17. I never forget the day we met she was coming up the stairs where they lived and I was going down the stairs with her brother. We got down in the basement and I said to Dan “who is that” She got up stairs and said oh my gosh did you see that long haired guy Danny brought home. To funny. It was love at first site for me as I ask Dan, is that your older sister? He said nope my younger sister. Time to get to work. 27 below and I have one very busy day on as The old timer Dave said ITS A GRAND LAKE! A GRAND LAKE! AND IT OWES ME NOTHING! NOTHING! I will always be bummed that when I took that blind man fishing we never got a bite nd he jigged for 3 hours never sitting his rod down. got a bite