Jan 14th 2017

21 days into another season here on the shores of upper red lake have been  a number of things.
Fun! Fun! Fun! Having my good friend Wayne come up is such a hoot. man do we laugh from all the shenanigans . One of our new sayings is “Here at cookies”, “We do it right cause we do it twice” , its so funny how much it happens. Just a example put the shovel in the truck and take it out less then a minute later.
Playing Texas hold um or poker with the hammer! Not only can she fish but she can also put the hammer down playing poker. 
Brutal is a word I can use all most everyday as mother nature rears her ugly side at least once a week if not more. Two snow falls this week with brutal winds crearting white out conditions.
– 33 yesterday morning when I fired up the red baron. She has a small miss, I also noticed it does not run well if its cold? Going to call my good friend Tommy Short today. He owns Autocraft Specialty’s.  He works on street rods, auto restoration with wiring one of his specialty’s. He should be able to point me in the right direction as he is one of the best mechanics I know .
Blue thunder is down and is getting a new front u joint on the drive shaft. We were able to salvage  the old drive shaft from blue thunder 1 as number 2s was shot and almost beyond repair. It is also getting a right front u joint as that was also destroyed. Its just kills me when you junk out a car there like oh will give you 100 bucks that’s all its worth in scrape. Then they have the gall to sell you one part for 300 bucks. If  I had the space I would own a junk yard in a hart beat.
A grind! Yes working on the lake is a grind, having a helper every year is huge. Even though my new guy Jimbo has other commitments some times. Its huge when he can help. He’s a sharp kid, hard worker and seems to love working out on the lake.
A challenge! Keeping every thing running smoothly, helping fishermen! Anything from broken door handles, dead batteries, flat tires, stuck in snow banks, heaters not working, augurs not running, the list goes on and on.
One of the big ones,” Finding fish” stupid fish!
That’s about it for the day as that old timer Dave  told me. “ITS A Grand Lake and It owes me Nothing, Nothing” I have to agree 100%