Jan 16 2017

Here goes another long winded report.
John and his crew were in North Dakota 4 nights, They landed 22 walleye’s, 2 pike, 5 perch and had a couple fish break there lines. Friday there 4rth night I offered to move them for the last night once I got all my new customers checked in? They decided they were good which was a relief as you will see.
Glen arrived thrusday morning in white out conditions for one night in old Minnesota. ZOIKS!! As I escorted him out there going up the old road was not a option as it was gone. I decided the best plan would be not to plow but cross country the mile off the main road with the v-plow up. That did not work out and I buried the red baron 50 yards off the main road. Glen backed up to me and a quick jerk and I was able to back out and switch to plan b. Cut a new trail which would fill in before I came back out. We arrived at old Minnesota with no other adventures. I had not punched out the holes so that was in order before Glen could start fishing. The hammer had taken the generator to Bemidji so he would be fishing with the gas lights un tell she got back..
Due to the white out conditions florida and montana would have to wait un tell Friday morning to move to there new spots. We had pulled them out of there nests Wednesday eve, so they only needed to be moved a couple hundred yards ,blocked, banked and augured Friday morning.
The wind laid down around 4 pm to a slight breeze of lets say 15 after blowing around 40 all day. With 4 foot drifts around the house moving snow would also come into the equation Friday.
I arrived back to old Minnesota well after dark with the generator in tow. 40 dollars later and they said the problem was I over filled the oil? Glen had two in the bucket and said he should of had five but he could not see down the hole.
A big day was coming up again as Jimbo my helper was gone.
Friday morning and I was greeted with 33 below. I thought please red baron do not let me down as I hit the key. vroom she fired up. She still had that miss but runs a little better once its warmed up. I would get ahold of Tommy 250 miles away and have him figure out what I could do to correct the problem. Very irritating to say the least. Plan A was to baby her as much as possible as blue thunder was still at Toms getting u joint work done.
Arriving to the houses I felt I had plenty of time to grind it out. Glen was all ready gone with his 3 fish. A quick call, he had great action and pulled up the rattle wheels at some point. At 24 below and a slight breeze a face mask was in order. I dug out montana ,moved her to her new spot and before I could get the holes augured Berry and his crew called. “I need to make a adjustment as my web sight says check in is at 2pm” I’m some what flexible with check ins but I can not predict what mother nature throws at me. I finished up ,got them checked in and headed over to florida to do it all over again.
Prepping a area for florida and the phone rings. Its Ken and Middison there at hillmens. I get them in old Minnesota after punching out three more holes. About the time I started to move florida the phone rings again and its Steve and his crew, there at Hillmen’s. Err there also early. They to would have to wait a bit. I bang out florida and go to greet them and its 1:38pm. If every one showed up after 2pm all would of been ready. Oh well maybe next time.
I then take a break to scout out a area as I have to move california and block and bank for Tony’s friend Bob and Brenett. The timing works out perfect as Buddy hillmen calls and want ‘s me to clean off the bridge at 1.5 mile. I knock that out and head back where the phone rings . Its the general and Doug from mno .
I escort them out to area I scouted earlier and plow them a trail so they can get set up with there wheel houses where boar would be arriving later. I finish California around 4 pm and head to shore. I get gas and supply’s pull in the driveway to take a break. Around 5:30pm and bob calls 1 1/2 hour late. I go meet them escort them to California and its time to have some dinner.
After dinner I make the rounds and call it a night.
Saturday morning I make the rounds where Florida got 5, Montana got 5 old Minnesota had 3 with 8 misses. Boar and his crew did not do well, with boars house having the most action. They decided they were going to move further out as that’s part of the adventure of fishing such a grand lake.
I prepped north Carolina for Sparky and Trent and headed home to address the red barons miss as I had talked to Tommy and he gave me a few things to take a look at. The tips Tommy gave me help tremendously.
Saturday eve making the rounds and it was a little slow for every body. “Stupid fish”
Sunday morning and the guys in north Dakota were packing up and had two more over night. We said our good byes as Jimbo came out to help me prep and move north Dakota for Scott and his crew.
Ken and Maddison were gone so not sure how they finished.
Steve and his crew were gone to LOW for the day.
Barry and his crew had slower fishing and I told them I would move them if they were game.
Scott and his crew had terrible fishing in north Dakota
Boar and his crew from mno did not fair well in there new location, all though all of boars rattle wheels were spun out and he sent me a pic of the rats nest it had created.”TO FUNNY”
Sparky and Trent had there 6 from north Carolina.
We said our goodbyes and got a few pics.
I then moved Montana for Berry and his crew. They helped and we had them set up on new ice in no time. I also checked in Jason and Reed in north Carolina to see if we could have good fishing in there again. I will move them to day depending on how they did. The plan is also to move north Dakota again as last night it was still dead on that new spot. Berry and his crew had 3 more when I checked in with them last night

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  1. Cookie, got to hand it to you – you’re either the Energizer Bunny, or a Timex. Whatever gets thrown at you, you keep going. Can’t wait for our trip mid-February.


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