Jan 20th 2017

You sure can get a lot done when your not battling mother nature. Buddy Hillmen and I punched out another mile of highway Tuesday so that was two miles in two days. Wow talk about a lot of snow to move.
Wednesday morning making the rounds to say good bye to Brian and Stacy and check in on the Mike and his crew in North Dakota.
Brian and Stacy were able to land a few fish after my tip and were packing up when I arrived. They plan on coming next year around the last weekend of walleye.
Mike and his crew went to westwind around 8pm where they brought there guitars and played music tell closing. They said they had a hoot. I had billiards tuesday night or I sure would of joined them.
They only landed a few walleyes but one of the guys landed a 26 1/2 inch walleye at 630 am. My plans were to  start the big migration out further and I explained what they had to do for the big move. I told them my plans and I would be back at noon .
I then cleaned up old Minnesota as Darrel, Bobby Joe  and Ron  had called Tuesday to see if I had a opening for one night.
Then I was off to meet Jimbo as he would be helping me. With two more miles of Buddy Hillmens highway done this has opened up a huge area of fishing for us. Finally getting blue thunder back on the ice was strange. With no clunks it feels like something is wrong? It did feel good to be taking both trucks back out onto the ice at the same time. We worked our butts off getting north Dakota and North Carolina prepped for the move. More training for Jimbo as he would be towing a house with the red baron.
Darrel ,Bobby Joe and Ron arrived just in time as I got them checked in before we pulled out. Every thing went well, but Darrel gave me the puppy eyes, wondering why all the house were going out deeper but them. 
 Arriving at the new area.  I made a new road going north  where we brought north Dakota to its new spot and prepped it for Mike and his crew. Then we were off to retrieve Montana and Florida, Old Minnesota would wait tell Thursday to be moved.
The next two houses were florida and montana. I was a little nervous letting Jimbo tow montana but it had to be done and he is a sharp kid. Plus he had one under his belt. Arriving to the new area and we towed florida down by north Dakota where I decided we would prep it for fishing and if Darrel and the crew were game they could move there gear and fish in florida  instead.  
Arriving back at old Minnesota to surprise Darrel about the move and they were kinda like. What should we do? perfect I love when a plan comes together. They decided to move.
As the sun was setting Jimbo and I headed home where we needed to get a flat tire off of Jimbo’s daily driver so we could get it fixed on Thursday.
The hammer and I headed out around 8pm to check on everyone and visit with Bobby Joe and the crew. We arrive to Florida where Mike and 2 of his crew from north dakota are all partying with Darrel ,Bobby Jo and Ron. Bobby Jo was fishing hard and had caught a couple. Mike said the fishing was way better in north Dakota also. I love it when a plan comes together. I even caught a fish on Darrel’s rattle wheel while we were there. I missed him, then Darrel missed him. I then got him on the third try.
Mike and his crew headed back to north dakata. Ron, Darrel and I joined them while they played and sang some original songs they had wrote. I even joined in with the harmonic for a tune. Its been a long times since I played . The hammer and I called it a night as she was working Thursday morning at the gas station/North country food and fuel.
Yesterday was another beautiful day out on such a grand  lake, as we worked in tee shirts as the temps hit 41 degrees. We got Montana on its new spot and also moved old Minnesota to its new location. We also squeezed in time to go get Jimbo a new used tire. I had him drive while I took a nap as I was worn out.
The red baron has been running rough and missing. While Jimbo did the tire I did some maintenance  trying to track down the miss that has been driving me crazy. I want the red baron to perform like a race car coming out of a corner. Hard on the gas and accelerating  un tell you let off for the next corner. I may of tracked down the problem as I just came back in the house after misting water on all the plug wires. It looked like the 4th of July with all the sparks. There Zipped tied for now and I’m going to have Wayne pick me up a high performance set on the way up today.
Speaking of Wayne, he is pumped coming up today. With the mild temps we are going to get all the picture windows washed inside and out . Nothing like enjoying the sunrises and sunsets and all the other shenanigans   looking out a perfectly  clean window.
He is also bringing his sister and husband for there first trip ever on upper red lake. He is so excited he probably did not sleep good last night.
Well that’s about it for today. I have 20 holes to augur, more roads to clean up, greet the customers when they arrive, place the generators with there new boxes. Block, bank north Carolina, wash windows, get fuel, and the most important thing of all.
Have a grand day, on a grand lake that as Dave the old timer told me. It’s  a Grand Lake and it owes me NOTHING! NOTHING