Jan.26th 2017

Mother nature rules again. So we have a beautiful weekend with temps in the 40s. All The houses have fairly good action. The warm weather caused a huge mess with melted snow making water puddles ever where. We easily lost half our snow cover.
The banking on the houses turned to rock hard snow. Not whining as its part of the job.
A lot of vehicles were pretty much driving any where they wanted as the snow was like mashed potato’s driving through it. Now all those tracks have collected water and froze so there’s frozen ruts all over the place. Any where there still a foot of snow there 1 inch of wet snow that will not freeze because its insulated. V plowing into that makes giant snow balls that then freeze into ice chunks. As always its quite the challenge taking on good old mother nature.
Then there’s the stupid fish. We moved old Minnesota on Tuesday as well as north Dakota for Dave ,Patty and Dave’s dad Jim. Checking in on them yesterday morning and they did terrible “Stupid fish”. I set it up to move them around 1pm to hopefully give them a better chance.
Marty and Shane were to the south of them and only managed three . They did kinda tie one on and may of missed a few rattle wheels?
My friend Lee was to the west of them about 300 yards and managed to land 5.
I got Dave and his family all reset around 2 :15 so it took a little over a hour to get them moved, not including the prep time for the new spot. Stooping in last night and they had way better action. Dave said they had a run where they missed five They did have two in the bucket so maybe this morning they had a good run or two last night.
Andy arrives today and I have montana all set up off by itself as he requested. They are bringing there own generator so I can have them off by them self . John rolls in for North Carolina so will be setting that up this morning also. Old Minnesota, North Dakota and North Carolina all need to be in there own little group.
A very busy day, and as always, mother nature has thrown a wrench in things. I will power through it. Even as Wayne says” Here at Cookie”s we do it right cause we do it twice and some times thrice”.
The warm weather made Buddy Hillmen’s highway a little rougher then he would like. I be leave as we travel on it with the plows it should smooth out a bit. Remember they would like the traffic to keep under 15 mph while on the Highway. It pushes out around 6 to 7 miles with a curve around 3 miles.
As always I’m about ready to head out and have a grand day on a grand lake. Who knows maybe Dave and his crew landed a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie plus a couple limits of walleyes. “Stupid fish”