Day 27 January 12, 2009

Not sure how to start this report as it was an odd weekend. Pat and his crew of 15 rolled in Thursday in spirits. It made it tough to check them in and go over the few rules I have about our houses. Time they were all here the drinks were going down and the rules were never clarified. I believe in second chances so if they call for next year I will take care of them even though I was a little disappointed the way they left the houses. I always try and have the houses spick and span when customers arrive and ask them to please leave the house in the condition they received it. I don’t think Montana had a sink full of dirty dishes when they arrived? I also don’t think I peed in the banking on the side of the houses? At least they puked a little ways from the houses. I also don’t remember leaving fish guts in the house or fish slime in the sinks.
The older group in Utah left the house as close as possible to how it was and believe me I do appreciate that as it makes detailing out the houses go much smoother.
Now enough venting. The new area we had the houses had some decent action. Florida and old Minnesota seemed to do the best with many walleyes caught 1 crappie 1 eel pout.
Pat said Friday night he thought a school of crappies may of came threw as all the bobbers and rattle wheels went crazy as he landed the one lone crappie well after midnight while all the guys were passed out. There was also a big pike that they had on twice under Florida plus it got a rod and reel. Utah also did well and landed a couple of pike just over 30 plus many walleyes. The bunch in Montana were lost in there own world. They did not land many fish. I know of one for sure. Plus I moved there house on Friday to a fresh spot. Looking at there set up on Saturday eve was quite interesting. One of the rattle wheels had a small jig on a steel leader tied to braided line.
Another line had a lead head jig the size of a marble with a small crappie minnow under a gigantic bobber. Another line was just under the ice with a sucker minnow?
California was little slow for the guys standards. They also landed a pike or two over 30 inches and some walleyes but never had any flurries. They also landed a walleye over 25 inches. That house was also on a new spot.
John and his buddies pulled in with a tow behind and also had Idaho. They also had good fishing but never flurries just one here one there though out the weekend but consistent.
New York had customers Saturday and Sunday and also caught walleyes. Drew and his family had 4 in the bucket the last I saw them.
Mike from has steady action and packed up yesterday.
Remember to bring the portables and I can point you in the right direction for a chance at more than one crappie.