Only 31 nights of the 2017 walleye/pike season left to go. As always I plan on grinding it out looking for the very elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie. We have the same crew coming up again this year as we search for these highly prized fish. My good buddy Jake who built our north Dakota house and owns it, is possessed with these fish. He  has not even planned to fish his house un tell we have our get together in march. I have never gave up on these fish as they are truly trophies. The hammer would rather eat them then walleyes? If we get a few, we will eat a couple and the rest will be released to educate all the others? Of course they will tell the others what the houses are like and they take pictures of you and then let you go?
Yesterday  went pretty smooth, I said goodbye to Dave, Jim and Patty. Patty loved the house. They only managed to take home five fish but Dave said they should of had more so the move paid off.
I started the day prepping montana for Andy. He has been coming for years and montana is his house of choice. He really digs the lights under the house. He had requested the house be off by it self  if he brings his own generators .He feels that is the key to have some of the epic fishing they have had over the years, plus it has been written for years that’s the key to catching fish on upper red lake is being off by your self. His good buddy Sam arrives later today for florida and it is also off by itself just out of walking distance from montana. Sam landed a 27 1/2 walleye a couple years ago.
  After prepping montana I was off to retrieve north Carolina for John and his buddy. They would also be arriving at 2pm. Just as I was ready to fire up the augur they called to say they had arrived. About a hour early. I was polite as I told them I needed a little more time before the house was ready. I gave them directions to where I was and they were going to dilly dally on there way out. They have friends and relatives that are here for the big ice castle gathering out of Rodgers and wanted to know if they could get there form  the house. I said it would sure be nice if all the roads interlocked but more them likely they were better off going around then trying to cross country with out a second truck with them just in case.
Andy also arrived about the same time so I got all checked in and I was off to move old Minnesota . I have a great system and all went smooth as I got old Minnesota on its new spot for Rick, Mike and Matt.
This morning I’m off to augur both florida and old Minnesota, a little other prep time and if all goes well all three houses should be ready a round noon 2 hours before check in time.
When I came off the lake last night I was spent. The hammer had a nice home cooked meal cooking when I walked in. That was good because I was beat and did not feel like cooking. After dinner I laid down for a bit and I was done. I did not make it out to check on Andy and his buddies Andy and Blake. I’m sure they will all understand. Andy has been coming for so long he knows I’m only a phone call away. John and his buddy planned on hooking up with there relatives and it sounds like the house is more of a place to sleep as it was a last minute deal. no phone calls so all must be good. I did run into Cliff when I came off the lake .He was fishing 8 feet of water and only landed two.
Randy and Tammy also arrived while I was coming off the lake. I sent them to a new area to pre fish/ scout and if they did good I will move the whole fleet out there if need be.
My part time helper Jimbo was missing in action this week. He headed home for a few days so we will see if he is available this up and coming week.
I’m still trying to get the new/used truck from Colorado. Its a chevy so that’s good,
Well its time to hit the lake, I’m hoping the good nights sleep gives me a second wind as I seem to hit a wall every night. Some times at 8pm, sometimes at 9 pm, some time not tell 11pm. I’m thinking I need to sneak in a nap in old Minnesota once in a while the rest of the season,with out the rattle wheels down.
Heading out in a bit on as we all know by now. Its a grand lake that owes us nothing.