A rare occurrence as we saw the sun this weekend. Seems it was cloudy for at least 10 days so it was nice getting to see a classic upper red lake sunset.
Friday morning  heading out all rested, ready for another day on such a grand lake.  Just like always I had plenty to do but would not be battling mother nature. A quick check with Andy, Andy and Blake and they had some action and had 8 in there fish bag.
John and Mike in north Carolina did not fair as well and only had 3. They did find Johns cousin . Turns out they had rented from alpine and were not involved in the icog get together out of Rodgers.
I banged out florida as Sam would be arriving  around 10 am. Then off to north Dakota to prep.. I decided to leave it after only being fished less the 20 hours for Early and his crew Darrel ,Tom and Jason. Again the timing was perfect as they arrived just as I button it up. I explained that Dave and his wife and dad had some decent action and depending how they did we would move them Saturday if need be.
I  then went  over to old Minnesota on its new spot. I dilly dallied, cleaning, prepping and auguring for there arrival at 2. Again the phone rang just as I was finishing up. I gave Rick direction out to where we were as I button her up.  She looked great in all her glory. Old Minnesota is well over 35 years old. I’m still looking forward to the new carpet as I did not care for the indoor outdoor carpet that Dan installed a few years ago. I want real house hold carpet as there nothing better then landing fish in your slippers or socks. After checking them in it was off to say hi to Sam as he had arrived and andy had directed him out there. Sam was pumped as he said he was going to get a bigger walleye then his 27 1/2 a few years ago. I bit my lip as I really did not expect him to get a bigger fish, All though I thought maybe they would get lucky and land a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie as the house was about 300 yards from where the hammer got one a couple weeks ago.
Tammy and Randy had set up after dark Thursday eve and they never marked a fish so Randy was on the move and heading to a area they had done well last year. I stopped to say hello and visit for a bit before I headed off the lake as the sun was setting on such a beautiful afternoon. They did invite the hammer and I out for some chili so that was the plan Friday eve when I would be making the rounds. The area Randy moved to had some good action before dark but after that they would come look and swim away. 
Rick and his crew texted to say they were hitting the sack early as they had driven most of the night to arrive. 
North Dakota was way slow and only had 1 perch and a walleye lost at the hole. I guess I new what I was doing Saturday morning.
Andy, Blake, Sam and Andy were having a hoot in florida and montana and darn if Sam did not catch a very elusive but still catchable upper red lake crappie. A beautiful 14 1/2 incher. Both house were also catching a few walleyes so that felt good to see. I now new where north Dakota would be moving too.
Saturday  morning I headed out and told the guys in North Dakota what had to be done for the move, I went to pick and prep a area and when I got back they had landed two keeper walleyes at 10 am? Stupid fish. The move went well and I had them fishing in less then a hour after pulling up there lines.
Saturday eve making the rounds and again the action was fair for all the houses. Every one had a few fish and were all having a great time.
The hammer and I headed over to Rodgers to go see Lonnie , Lisa and there new Ice castle out at the get together. Very beautiful house and huge. 
What a spectacle it was out there, with all the flashing lights, it looked like a airport from a distance. It would of been nice to cut over after making the rounds but we took the highway. We visited for a bit and checked out the tent with the live band. Heading home I again hit the wall and turned in for the night,
Sunday morning and Early called to say they had no power? I arrived out there to find the plug had just vibrated loose.  They were getting ready to pack it in. They only managed to catch a few more fish but said they missed a bunch,
Andy and Andy were also packing up with there fish, Sam and Blake were also heading out with there 6 keepers. Rick in old Minnesota had all ready left and only took home 7 . I also never got to see John and Mike but I know they had a few.
I then spent the rest of the day cleaning the houses and getting north Dakota ready for Tim, Pete and Danny’s arrival for north Dakota. The same deal, the house had not been fished 24 hours so they were there for one night and we /I will move them to a fresh spot today if need be.
I also moved Old Minnesota out to that area and plan on getting north Dakota over there so I’m only maintaining one road off the main road as we have some snow and wind coming starting today.
After getting old Minnesota set up the hammer met me out there where we enjoyed a chicken dinner and I out fished the hammer for once,  as I landed 3  with a couple misses and the hammer could not get them to bite, I did use a vex so I was on even playing field with her.
I’m hoping they did good in north Dakota last night? I have a feeling we will be putting the house on fresh ice today as the second night hardly ever is better then the first.
Time to head out as Ole is bringing a couple friends up to fish montana and I need to get north carolina over with the fleet as I have officially ruined another area. I  also can abandon that road system before mother nature rears her ugly side today.