feb 7th 2017

Not much of a fishing report today. Yesterday I spent most of the day plowing. Started at the gas station where the hammer works . North country food and fuel. Knocked out our driveway.
Then I headed over to Buddy Hillmen’s highway to cut the north edge with blue thunder. Got out to the bridge at 1.5 miles  and helped Buddy clear snow away from the area.
Then back home where I fired up the red baron and v plowed 5 hours. We cleared  the main road all the way to the end about 7 miles?
A few mishaps but nothing major. Lost the two tires, chained to the back of the red baron and with all the snow packed in them I could not even lift them. I spent a few minutes digging out all the snow and was able to prop one tire on my generator and then man handle them back on.
Hit a good bumped and knocked the v plow off its chain so I could not lift the plow  untell some one could hold the button while I pushed it back down. 
Pulled off the lake at 5 pm, gas upped, cleaned all the door jams of ice and snow with a hammer and parked the red baron.  I
Then headed back out to move north Dakota to its fishy spot where I banked it for Mike and his crew coming today. 
There all musicians so hope to play a little harmonica with them tonight or tomorrow.
Bobby and her crew come up tomorrow so florida and montana need to be moved and reset. Hoping for a few elusive yet still catchable upper red lake  crappies.
Montana is still open for the weekend at this time? Not sure what happen there other then Feb 10th 11th is not a popular weekend for fishing.