feb 10th 2017

Well I think I found my second wind but Mother nature was not kind this week that’s for sure.
Buddy Hillmen’s highway was in great shape when I came off the lake last night.
Wednesday morning we were greeted with 17 below with wind chills  around minus 30. Putting propane on montana with out my face mask and it was so cold it hurt my forehead..
Mike and his crew ended up with 5 fish Wednesday so another slow day of fishing. Bobby Joe, Darrel and her sister and brother inlaw ,Vickie and Paul rolled in around 2 pm Wednesday.
My new road  had all ready started to drift in as the wind was relentless this week and just keeps on blowing. I’m going to talk to Buddy Hillmen as I think I need to build my berms on my side roads to the east instead of the west?
The red baron  with its 454 finally runs like I expect it to and when I was going up to get gas Wednesday afternoon I swung into Joels driveway to break open a trail and darn if I did not have a major and I mean major break down. The red baron will be getting flat bedded to the transmission shop  today as I think I broke the transfer case? I’ll know more when he digs into it next week . He said I may of stripped out the tail shaft and if I did the transmission will have to be rebuilt. Ouch bad timing. Its part of the business but still sucks when it happens. Then I’m coming off the lake last night after checking in on Bobby joe, Darrel and the others and I have a blow out on blue thunder. That’s real bad timing as the winds  have been howling out of the south since last night.
I did stop and talk to Kevin who I call Neil and his crew Pete, Pete, Bob, David, Knoll who got a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie while I was there.  and Joe  Tom. I think I got them all. They were all in a 16 foot ice castle. Crazy! When I walked in a needed ear plugs it was so loud in there. What a great bunch of guys though. There headed to bowstring this morning to search for some crappies. I was hoping to get in a game of cribbage but that was not happening.
Justin and his buddy Casey? had pretty good fishing yesterday so it again comes down to location, location, location, you can not blame the weather as there always biting some where on such a grand lake. Casey landed a 37 inch pike 1/2 hour after dark last night. Crazy pike
Our very good friend Marty also rolled in Wednesday morning. I set him up in old Minnesota where he banged out 3 fish just after dark. Yesterday he helped me move north Dakota after Mike and his crew left. I never got to jam with them ,maybe when they come back up the last weekend of walleyes.
Well I guess that’s about it. Old Minnesota , montana and North Carolina are all open for the weekend after 2 cancelations this week. That’s a first all year and may be a blessing to give me time to regroup a bit.  Been humping on the lake since a week before Christmas not even sure how many days its been. That top bunk in old Minnesota does have my name all over it and this weekend you may find me napping in there.