feb 13th 2017

Another weekend has come and gone. 60 plus days on the lake and I have taken a nap in old Minnesota for about 10 minutes I think.
 Friday morning I headed out before light to wet a line with my good friend and helper from two years ago Marty. I had him staying in old Minnesota since it was open for the weekend. He had caught a few fish since he arrived but nothing to brag about.
Even though I had  2 houses open for the weekend I still had a busy day ahead.
I had a little final prep work in north Dakota before Bill and his crew arrived. I also had to go track down a tire for blue thunder. In my haste putting on the new tire chain before we pulled the red baron out of her predicament it looks like I may of had a twist in it and that’s what caused the blow out. I was able to track down a tire and go to kellier to get it mounted. I arrived back just in time to check Bill, Tom, Mike and Joe into north Dakota.  I was then off to prep florida as my son John was heading up with his friend Joe..  I decided to leave it where Bobby joe and Darrel fished Wednesday Thursday.
The hammer and I also planned on wetting a line with Marty for a possible evening bite then. I would be making dinner at home. We did  manage to catch a couple fish. After dinner I decided to lay down on the couch and wait for john to arrive before I checked in on the guys in north Dakota. They had had some action starting around 3pm when I had swung in after  showing Boar where to park his ice castle as he would be fishing next to Bill has they had become friends on one of the fishing sites and had never met.
John and his friend rolled in around 9;30 and woke me up. Man was I groggy it took me  more then a few minutes to gather my bearings.  Once I got them checked in I was planning on stopping in at north Dakota. I had called Boar and he said they were all fine so I headed home for the evening.
I did do a little plowing along the southern berm along Buddy hillmen’s highway on the way in and you could see where it has been flooding under all the weight of the snow so if you plan on heading north I would suggest using Hillmen’s access rather then trying to cross from the south.
Saturday morning I again got out on the lake early to wet a line with Marty. I set one rattle wheel , poured a cup of coffee and started jigging a rattle flyer. I ask Marty if he had gassed up the generator and he said nope so I say Oh I will go gas it up. I come back in the house and there’s Marty holding a fish he caught on the rattle wheel with my green glow genze worm.
I then checked in on Bill and his crew they had landed 9 fish I think and had eaten a few over night.
I then headed out to florida where I checked on john and joe. The dead sea. Stupid fish, so again the third night in a rental was no good. They ask if I would auger a couple holes for tip ups and I told them I would. and then I would be   moving old Minnesota after Marty left so they could have a fresh spot to fish, where the hammer and I would join them for the evening before having a fish fry. No sooner then I left and Joe landed a 37 inch pike on his tip up.
I knew it was a fishy spot.
Once I got them checked into old Minnesota I headed back out to move florida as Bob and Rick would be rolling in sunday.
I get back to old minnesota and the hammer says why did you move house if it was catching fish and Jonny says why did you not move over there. I told them the spot was great night spot. Wink. wink.
A hour later I go check on north Dakota and Joe catch’s his first upper red lake walleye. . We then went home for a fish fry . We go back out and bam Joe gets his second and third walleye on the rattle wheel. The green genze worm comes through again.
They packed up yesterday with there 6 fish so that was nice to see. The guys in north Dakota ended up catching 20 or so.
Last night I headed out to check on bob and rick and again the dead sea.  Stupid fish. Around 10 pm rick got a keeper we lost at the hole and then another small scuffit was caught which is a good sign of a elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie so I’m crossing my fingers they had a little action after I came home. Well it looks like a beautiful day to work on such a grand lake time to hit the ice for the 60th day in a row