feb 16th 2017

All right I thick I have a window to finish this long winded fishing /work report.
Sunday evening when I got home from pool I headed out to check on Rick and Bob in florida. Here I expected a great fishing report only to be disappointed again, Stupid fish,
Monday morning I headed out again to check on the guys and get what I could get done before we had to go to the tax man.
Ole would be arriving later in the day and fishing in old Minnesota where rick, bob and I would join him to visit and wet a line. Rick said they were marking fish all the time but they just refuse to bite in florida.
We ended up catching 2 16 inch keepers with ole and headed back to florida with the hammer meeting me so we could go play a little poker with bob and rick. Rick lost one at the hole while we were there, then about 10 oclock I hit that wall and called it quits for the night.
I did check in on Jason and Whitney where it was slow all though she did get too battle and land a mid 30s pike. They come back next week so lets hope the fishing is better for them.
Tuesday morning when I hit the lake the winds were just howling out of the north north west. And I mean howling. I had taken the hammers trail blazer out as I had found a major gas leak on blue thunder. The road to florida and montana was fine but the turn was filling in. Then where I put montana the drifting in front of the house was piling up which would make extra work when I went to move it yesterday. I knew I created a pickle when I put it there.
Rick and Bob are old hunting high school buddies and are plans were to meet at my place around noon to go check out a hunting spot. Bob called and said the turn in the road was bad. I told them just kick the snow around and barrel threw? OOPS. The winds were blowing so hard that the snow drifts had all ready become rock hard and you could walk right over the top of them and a very fine snow to boot. mean while I’m here at the house pulling out the gas tank on blue thunder. I went up to North Country food and fuel where I barrowed Franks plow so I could go open the corner and get Bobs car un stuck.
We got back home where I sent bob and rick to check out the hunting spot while I continued to rip out the tank on blue thunder.
Ole pulled in to say he was headed home with two fish. stupid fish
  Bob and Rick  also only had two and two nice perch. They also decided to head home.
I headed back out around 4 to check on Jason and Whitney and clean old Minnesota and florida.  I get to florida just as the sun is setting and catch 2 walleyes back to back while Jason also landed one in montana  just as it was getting dark.
  Yesterday I was off to Bemidji too get new gas tank so I did not get to say good by to Jason and Whitney . I arrived back home and with Jimbos help we got the new tank in with only a couple slight problems.
Then off we went to move old minesota, north Dakota, florida and montana. The first two went real well but when we got to montana I had to cut a trail in front of the house. I decide to drive off in the distance where my old road was to check it out for the move and hit a few frozen ruts under the snow from when we had the January thaw. We had removed one of the tire chains as it had broken on the way out. Blue thunder needs new shocks as every bump you feel. After over 60 days on the ice i’m sick of feeling them so I was going slow and ended up putting my front wheels in a refrozen rut and at the same time my rear wheels and just like that I was stuck. ERRR!  Jimbo had to bah haw over to me and give me a tug. We then got back to work and after plowing a trail to turn around we had both house on the road and out of there perches.
I headed home with the plow down and a spectacular upper red lake sunset in my rear view window. Insert picture?
Today I have a ton of work to do so no dilly dallying for me.
Casey and his crew arrive for north Dakota and Warren arrives for old Minnesota. Tomorrow Jim has Florida and they are bringing friends with a wheel house to fish by them Vance is alos doing the same thing but they have a couple wheel house coming with them. HMMM?” I see a pattern here”.
Sunday we have family coming. Shell chick and her crew.
Then Dave rolls in Monday.
Jason and his family come Tuesday, Wednesday for florida and montana .
Mike the musician comes wed ,Thursday and I’m going to do my best to play a little harmonica with them this time.
Then just like that and its the final weekend of game fish and I head off in the sunset to look for the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie on the grandest lake of all lakes, that just keeps pumping out fantastic memories ,laughter, shenanigans, adventures, good friends new and old.
I truly love this lake and it really makes me miss my grandma Olga today.” Insert picture of here” feeding the bear cubs in her yard. I can here her now EWWWI “Imagine That”
One last thought . When Liam our great grandson comes up here this year it will be 7 generations fishing here. I think grandma would be so proud.