March 5th 2017

6 days later and I have lost the mother load?
Stupid fish, I guess that why I coined them the elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie.
Monday we went and got the red baron and got her safely back home. Tuesday was spent cleaning all the houses.
Wednesday was the big moving day for old Minnesota as I prepaired it for the 7 mile journey back out with the rest of the fleet. The hammer wanted to bring here life long friend fishing  Nancy fishing so my goal was to just get old Minnesota prepped. Crossing the crack/pressure ridge went well. The plan was to be fishing bye 5pm and I would cook dinner for the girls. Once we got out there with jimbo bringing a house out also we picked our spots. Jimbo was heading back to shore so I caught a ride with him to grab blue thunder. After fueling up I was heading out and darn if something did not break on blue thunder ? The right front wheel binded up and then broke loose, then binded up again and again broke loose. I really needed her too bank the house so I limped it out there and babied it as I banked the house.
The girls arrived right on time and we proceeded to get skunked. Oh oh I thought.
Thursday was a much needed trip to Bemidji for the day. With no pressure to race back home we were able to focus on a little shopping and having a nice lunch.
Friday morning and I was back to the grind, Jimbo had his mom Stef and here friend Marcy in one of his houses and they also struck out catching a elusive  yet still catchable upper red lake crappie.
Old friends Joe and Brian would be trying out montana on the same spot the gang hammered on them last weekend.
Rick and Bob would be arriving for florida late Friday night so Friday I moved florida to a new spot quite always from where we had found them as they have defiantly moved.
Marty and shell had also  arrived late Thursday night so Marty helped me hook up north Dakota and bring the last house back out 7 miles.
Our plan was to have dinner in old Minnesota and maybe find a elusive upper red lake crappie. We stuck out again.
Saturday  morning with a few fishermen out there I made some rounds collecting access fees and getting a few fishing reports. The best I herd were 3.
Tyler from bear paw was also out and about as for the second year he is doing crappie guiding trips and he  managed to find a small school and told me he /they caught 18.
Rick and Bobbie  got a couple bites and did manage to loose one elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie at the hole.
With Joe and Brians help we dug out montana and I also moved them to a new spot. At this time I have to use blue thunder with only 2 wheel drive as something is broken in the front end. I did get my new tire chains so moving the houses is still possible. I’m not sure if I can move old Minnesota or North Dakota that way but we shall find out this week as I  make one final move for the up and coming weekend.
What’s nice about the crew coming up next weekend as they will spend all day Friday  and Saturday searching for the mother load and the houses will be used for relaxing, eating and sleeping. I’ll do my best to find a new  fishy area before they arrive. Coming off the lake last night and I did talk to a gentleman named Bruce that had set up about 75 yards north east of old Minnesota and he said they got 4 last night? Stupid fish.
The road is still in great shape, last night the wind really started to howl out of the south and there was some impressive drifting out there considering there not much snow out there.
The last thing. I did make it to the fish meeting Thursday eve, I was quite impressed with the presentation on the health of the lake. they will be having a announcement on the open water season once it gets approved from headquarters.
They said they have a very unique citation as they have a lot of data collected over the years since recovery and can see trends with all there grafts and pie charts? They also pointed out how fast the fish grow with a good forage base and feel the lake is in great shape.