june 19th 2017

I’ve decided to try and write a little more through out the summer with a few fishing reports.
Earl, Joe, Terry and Leon came up Tuesday and Wednesday and stayed in our little green cabin. I suggested running spinners? They came back Tuesday evening with 12 and had a fish fry. Purple was the hot color? Joe had a few spinners he had painted purple and they were hot ticket.
Wednesday they also fished and were able to all go home with there four fish. Real nice guys and they want to come back up and camp down by the lake.
Ken and his daughter Makenzie were here from Saturday un tell Thursday of this week in the grey cabin. Ken likes trolling cranks and had plenty of action. They also went home with 8 fish. Ken said they ate 15 throught out the week.
Paul and Pete arrived Thursday eve, and did real well. Paul said yesterday was a little bit slower.
My brother Warren buys a 1/4 beef and half a hog from the farmer Gary I help off and on. We got out last Friday eve, after I got home from work at the golf course.
Running spinners a I had 4 fish in the box and it was to funny as all Warren had was a dozen misses. Once he switched to a stiffer fishing rod he caught up real quick.
Saturday morning we decided to get out early as the winds were going to pick up. Going right to the area we fished the night before. It did not take long to start catching fish again. Its always a treat taking Warren fishing.
He does not care for my music selection though? He is a hevey metal singer in three bands out of Chicago. Heven and Hell,, David Spankle group and Dameon thorn. He is pumpped as this summer they are opening in front of 50,000 in Milwaukie.
We ended up only keeping two over 17 and got off the lake just as the winds started to pick up. I treated him to a fish fry for lunch as the hammer had went down to her sisters for the weekend..