June 27th 2017

Stupid weather, This global warming?
Anyways Randy, Nick and Richard were here Friday, Saturday and did not do so well. The winds were a factor with a strong wind out of the west Friday and a strong nw wind Saturday. I suggested they go launch at beacon harbor and they could possibly get out of the 4 foot rollers. The fishing was horrible with a couple sheephead landed and one scuffit walleye.
I had talked to Ray and Jim on Thursday and they said the fishing was real good.
I guess I’m not sure what happens to the bite when the wind stirs up the lake. Are the fish full from stacking up on the windblown side? Or do they just not see your bait when it get stirred up? I’ve caught fish trolling along the break in 3 foot waves? Trolling after the water get way stirred up I have caught a couple over the years but is that because the bait went right by there nose?
The kids are coming up this weekend as were going to re stucco the small cabin and paint. The plan is to get out and do a little fishing.
The wife said some guys came in the store the other day and had did real well on island lake. So That’s always a option if the wind is blowing.
Other then family coming up the cabins are wide open the rest of the summer.