july 6th 2017

To my surprise I have ben hearing some good fishing reports.
Jonny ,Ashly and myself got out Sunday morning. We headed out to deeper water right away where we ended up keeping 5 and missing a few ,plus a couple throwbacks.
Monday Devon and Jonny took the boat out and hit the same spot where they got 7 keepers in a couple hours.
A few fishermen Ii talked to said they did well in 8 feet of water and I even heard of some fish caught in 4 feet of water.
This weekend is the big bog festival. Some of the high lights will be pot luck in the park Friday evening at 5;30pm
Saturday and sunday softball tournament, The atv mud run is at 3 and has become a huge turnout everyear. Westwind will be hosting a outdoor dance Saturday evening.
Sunday morning is out door church service at homestead park at 9am followed up with wild rice pancakes.
My guys canceled for the weekend so I may get out and wet a line if mother nature cooperates