july 11th 2017

Another Big Bog festival is in the books. A few highlights. The pot luck was again a small turn out? They then had a presentation at the park where they had three raptors two hawks and a small owl. that was pretty cool.
The mud run had a side by side that was 300 hp with nitro. Wow did that thing scoot.
Sundays church in the park had a good turn out with David playing his saw followed by wild rice pancakes.
I did wet a line sunday morning in one of my go to spot where I missed 3 and managed to land just on small walleye.
Rays sons caught a 45 inch pike. I ask if they were targeting pike and he said they were just fishing
Saturday the winds kept most of the fishermen away but I did see a guy with a few walking into the fish cleaning shack at westwind .
Our web site seems to be down ? I will have the hammer check on that later tonight. I may wet a line Thursday if things work out . My tree trimmers are coming up Friday and plan on doing a little fishing